Thursday, April 30, 2015

Race Day P's

It's race day.  Hooray! 
What do you do?  
Just remember your P's
And forget all the Q's. 


The night before, go ahead and pick out your clothes.  Be practical and wear nothing new.  Plug up your electronic devices for charging.  Pack your race bag with all the provisions you may need.  If you've already received your bib, pin it on.  Put everything together in one spot so you will forget nothing the next morning. 


The number one rule is literally...number two: Poop.  Eat your typical breakfast 2 hours prior to race time.  Plan to arrive 30-45 minutes early.   If driving, you may need additional time to park and walk to the start.  You'll also need time to visit the porta-potty Pump yourself up by listening to perky music from your playlist.


Be at peace in the starting chute knowing you have trained hard and are ready.  Remember, you have the potential for greatness today.  Don't be pensive.  Scoot up closer to the front.  Be sure to push the start button on your watch.  Begin at a slightly easier pace because you don't want to lose power during the race or puke toward the end.


Run with passion.  Stay positive and repeat your mantras.  Praise the race volunteers out on the course.  Propel yourself up those hills and pose for any race photographers you see.  In the final miles, try to pass a few people and press on through the finish line.  Maybe you'll set a new PR!


Take pictures with your pals.   Indulge in a slice of pizza or a pastry.  Drink a Powerade to replace electrolytes.  If you placed, graciously accept your prize.   Be pleased with what you've accomplished today.  Lastly, promise to do it again and persuade a friend to run with you.  After all, every day is a perfect day for a race

Do you have another P word (keep it clean please)?

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Sunday, April 26, 2015

Making Peace

Bobble Head Award

I had no business running a 5k Saturday morning.  My quads were the most sore they've ever been after a half marathon.  The huge blister on the ball of my right foot?  Still there and very painful.

I told a friend I would run...and so I did.

Saturday morning dawned with rumbles of thunder.  A huge storm system was rolling through.  Thankfully, the rain stopped just before race time.  But, you guessed it  --  100% humidity, 75 degrees, no breeze.  My mindset was not the best and my time reflected that.

The storm apparently kept most people from participating.  I came away with 3rd place overall female.  Was my time worthy of an overall award?  Absolutely not.  But when people ask me about placing in races, I always say the first rule is to simply show up.

Shame on me for not racing with a better attitude!

I've decided to make peace with the humidity {}.  After all, it will be a part of my life for the next six months or longer.  I need to just grow a pair...of gills, that is.  No one wants to read about how humid my runs are and I don't want to write about it.  "I will not stress over things I can't control."  {Repeat}

I can control my attitude.  Saturday afternoon I went to check on a sick family member.  Talk about a much needed jolt of perspective.  I am healthy.  I can bathe myself.  I can walk unassisted.  Heck, I can even run!  I will NOT take that for granted ever again, humidity be damned.

I can also control the effort I put into running.  As long as I give it everything I have, it will be fine.  My pace may not be the number I want, but as long as the effort is there the pace will naturally be lower in better conditions.

On Sunday, I finally tried out my purchase of a 12 oz. Amphipod handheld bottle.  This is the best I've used so far!  It did not leak and you can actually squeeze the bottle, which I like to do.  (Hard plastic bottles don't allow me to do that and then I must tip my head way back to drink.)  It has a nice roomy pocket and the fit is adjustable.  It was very comfortable on my hand.  If someone could just omit the sloshing sound?  Wishful thinking.

Sunday's plan was a maintenance run of 6 miles.  But, my elephantine blister was having none of that!  At mile 4, we came home for a little surgery.  {}

So that was my weekend.  Any tips for the humidity?

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Friday, April 24, 2015

Runfessions (April 2015 Edition)

Alright, my general runfession is that I've been a slacker this month.  Yes, I've run two half marathons since my last runfession and a couple of 5ks too.  But, the in between was um...shall we say...less than stellar.  {Am I recovering or tapering?  I forget!}

I didn't eat as healthy as I usually do.  I ate too many of these, just Hoovered them right up.
That's double dipped chocolate on the left - enough said - and the key lime is delish!

For convenience, we've eaten so much Mexican food this month that I just can't for a while.
Naturally, that comes with too many of these.

I'm horrible at this.  It's a family curse.
I continue to struggle with FATIGUE.

I am not walking these cuties nearly as much as I should.
It's partly due to rain and partly due to my own laziness fatigue.

Well, Sunday's humidity-fest of a half marathon kicked my tail, but good (or butt bad?).
It's pretty humbling to know that #36 affected me more than any other.
Guess what?  I passed up this Saturday's half.  Me...ME!   Eek! -- Who am I?

Here's to May being a better month.  I've got a not-yet-selected marathon on the horizon.  Maybe two...I am a bit obsessive you know.  But, I'm excited to get back to a regular running schedule.  A Routine.  After all, being caught between constant taper and recovery is too confusing!

What would you like to runfess?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

It's Rewarding

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What I Find Rewarding:

  • The acute Monday body aches from water skiing too much over the weekend or plowing through the downhill section of a tough half marathon.  It's the satisfaction of knowing you pushed your body to its limits.

  • The surprise race announcement that you've been awarded with a silly, but oh so meaningful, medal or trophy.  It is that much sweeter if you struggled during the race.

  • Hitting your paces during your speed work sessions, especially when it's wickedly humid and you are completely soaked, can't breathe, and think you might just keel over. 

  • Leaving your shoes outside on the porch and hanging up your running clothes to dry because they are so drenched with sweat they will mold if you don't.

  • Pulling up the weeds, trimming the bushes and flowers, picking up the fallen limbs and pine cones, raking the pine straw and leaves, and then turning to look back across the yard.   Ahhhh...

  • Having my husband tell me, "That was better than any restaurant meal you can buy, anywhere".

  • Having my kids say "Thank you, Mom" after doing some little something I didn't even give much thought to.

  • Hearing my grandson say, "I want to go to HoHo's house".

What do you find rewarding?

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

I Run Because (TotR)

  • I occasionally get a cheap, shiny prize
  • I enjoy hoarding Biofreeze sample packets
  • I can never have enough safety pins
  • I sometimes am rewarded with a cookie
  • I enjoy unflattering drooling race photos
  • It's fun collecting useless cotton T-shirts that don't fit
  • I can use the Road ID leaflets to wallpaper a room 
  • I'm determined to invent a way to re-purpose string bags
  • I'm addicted to the sweat
  • I like pushing myself
  • It makes me feel strong 
  • I like to set goals and meet or surpass them 
  • I enjoy the feeling of accomplishment
  • I connect with other strong women
  • It helps me cope
  • It allows me to obsess over...something

  • the little girl with gangly, long, bowed legs and large knees
  • the little girl that was not encouraged to be active, or to really be anything
  • the little girl that was excused from PE class all of her life

I AM ...  the woman that runs simply because I can


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Sunday, April 19, 2015

Keeping It Real (Biggest Loser)

Half Marathon #36

What a whirlwind of a weekend!  My sister visited from Oklahoma.  We had a non-stop weekend capped off by the Biggest Loser race in Mobile.  Before I get into my race recap, let me say that I am so proud of her.  She has suffered through 3 knee surgeries and is now running again.  She was 3 minutes faster than her last 5k and placed 4th in her age group.  Absolutely Amazing!  We had lots of time to chat about running on our road trip and she said something I want to always remember:  "I'd rather run 5 slow years than 1 fast one."  Amen.

Valerie, My Sister, and Me (BEFORE)

We arrived about 35 minutes prior to race time.  Packet pickup was easy.  Into the porta-potty line we go, where things started to go downhill.  That took 30 minutes.  While in line, I pinned on my bib, tied my shoes, stretched, did everything to get ready...or so I thought.  With just a minute to spare I scooted into the start crowd and made my way toward the front.  Go!

I wasn't even a half mile in when I realized I had put nothing, absolutely nothing, in my pocket.  No GU, no Salt Stick Caps.  At that point, I wasn't too worried about the GU...surely they will have that on course.  But I was extremely worried about not having salt in this humidity.

An unflattering, keeping it real photo

You see, all this past week has been a tropical weather disaster in the deep south and I knew it would be much worse on the coast.  It was around 75 degrees with 100% humidity and no breeze.  I did my best not to think about that and have fun.  I started out staying just behind the 9:00 pace group and stayed there maybe 3 or 4 miles.  By this point, I felt like I weighed 500 pounds.  Hello humidity.  Admittedly, I'm jealous of people who don't seem affected by it.  I'm simply in awe!

My fellow half fanatic and running buddy Valerie was there.  We were running together at about mile 5 when we realized a lady in front of us was running backwards!  Odd...we thought maybe she was stretching her knees or something.  But as we passed, we realized her eyes were rolling back in her head and she was making a weird breathing noise.  About that time, she went down and the runners right behind caught her, thank goodness.  It's at that point Valerie said "OK, this is now a training run."  Agreed!  Pushing in the heat and humidity would not be worth it.

Me and My Sister (AFTER)

Around mile 6 I realized my right foot was blistering on the ball.  I stopped a couple of times to rearrange my sock, but it didn't help.  I now have a half dollar sized blister after wearing my best pair of socks. This has happened to me 3 times and each time it was extremely humid.  My feet (and my entire body) were as wet as if it had been pouring rain. 

Next the cramps came, first in the feet and then in the calves.  I have no salt!  Also, there was no Gatorade from mile 6 to mile 12, only water.  I thought this was incredibly stupid race direction.  In this humidity?  You've got to be kidding.  We were given one GU only at mile 5. 

I tell you all of this not for sympathy and I'm not making excuses.  My first inclination was not to post at all.  But, I want to keep it real.  Some races are just tougher than others.  Much, much tougher.  I walked every time my calves cramped.  And yes, that was a lot.  For this I can only blame myself for forgetting my essentials.   

I posted my third worst half marathon time.
Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat.
Just keeping it real...

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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Brands to Love

Mizuno Wave Inspires &
Hippie Runner Headbands
TGIF!  The Friday Five topic is Brands to Love


I don't want to ever wear another running shoe...ever.  I don't know what I'll do when they quit making Wave Inspires (and yes, I'm sure they will one day).

Hippie Runner

I found this brand at a Disney expo years ago.  They sold funky headbands before funky headbands were cool.  For years, everybody wanted to know where to get them.  I don't get the question as often any more.  

Old Navy

You can't beat Old Navy clearance prices.  I have every color of their running bra plus a few other items, all bought on sale (of course!).  Their items are affordable and durable.  

Nike Dri-Fit Skirts

Nike Dri-Fit

The majority of my running apparel is by Nike and I like to visit their outlet store when we are at the beach.  I love my Nike Dri-Fit skirts.  I've had them for years but the colors are still vibrant.  The shorts underneath never ride up!  They are the most comfortable skirts I own.

Let me just say for the record:  I loathe those grippy things on the shorts layer of some running skirts.  They remind me of little sticky gecko toes.  It's irritating

Gypsy Runner

These people are dedicated to the race expos!  I have bought several of their skirts, arm warmers, A Dress, headbands, decals and more. 

Hmm...when will I wear that Wonder Woman skirt?

I'm always looking for something new.  So tell me about your favorite brands!

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Plan To Be Spontaneous

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I'm one who plans to be spontaneous.  I'm serious.  Stay with me....

With running, I've always tried to stay at a certain level of fitness, never giving up my longer weekend runs.  I did not want to start over.  (That is saved for injuries.)  I figured this way if I saw a race I really wanted to do, there would be nothing to stop me.   The recent Viking Half Marathon is a prime example.  I registered on Thursday and traveled on Friday.

I may get a general idea in my head, plant a little seed and let it germinate.  But, I don't usually take action until it is in full bloom.  Planning is wonderful and I've done my share.  Sometimes it's required, say for a major trip for example.  But thinking back -- after all of the research, planning and scheduling -- when we arrived at our destination, I felt as if I had already been!

It's nice to have the element of surprise!

Don't get me wrong.  Some areas of my life are planned and organized.  I work.  I have a family.  I have obligations.  I do like a certain order about things, a certain structure.  But, being this way in these areas allows me to be spontaneous in others.  If a friend asks on Friday evening if I want to race a 5k the next morning, the answer is YES.  If my husband asks if I want to go to the lake, YES let's go! 

Spontaneity was one trait that attracted me to my husband.  He was willing to go and do without fanfare.  He's given me a few trips through the years with just a few days notice.  In our younger days we did things such as pack up and drive to the nearest mountain to snow ski, with little thought.  This past winter, he nostalgically announced "Beech will have snow this weekend".  We should have gone!

Twice last year, I won race entries into destination half marathons.  I had about 10 days notice for each.  One of those races (REVEL Rockies) was the most beautiful, awe-inspiring, "This Is Why I Run" half I've experienced!  What if I had not gone?

You've got to be able to take opportunities that come your way.  

Make plans to be spontaneous!  It's not as crazy as it sounds.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Training Update & My Running Favorites (TotR)

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Spring Training Update

I know many of you are just getting starting with your races but our season here in Dixie is winding down, especially for longer distances.  I have a half this weekend (#8 for 2015) and I may toss in one more for good measure if the weather cooperates.  I will run a 5k and 8k in May and then sadly my calendar is mostly blank for a while.  I'll be living vicariously through all of you.  So, keep those race reports coming!

I like to work on building my base mileage in warm weather so I'll be race ready when the weather cools off again.  I should hopefully have my fall marathon plans finalized soon.  Regardless, I have many, many warm and humid miles ahead of me.  {Heavy Sigh}

My Running Favorites

I was tagged by my friend Darlene at My First 5k and More to answer questions about my running favorites.

1)  Location:     Trail, Road, or Indoors?

 ROAD.  I do like pretty scenery at races.  No treadmill for me.

Fantasy in Lights 10k (Callaway Gardens Website)

2)  Time of Day:     Morning, Noon, or Evening?

MORNING.  I am "done" both mentally and physically when I get home from work.  There is not enough time to run at lunch, get the mileage I want and also clean up.  I would be a stinky HoHo (HaHa).

3)  Weather:     Sunshine, Mild or Hot? 

SUNSHINE.  I've known for years that my mood, my energy, my motivation is directly effected by the amount of sunlight (or lack thereof).  I prefer to race with temperatures in the 40s with no wind and low humidity.

4)  Fuel:     Before, After, and Sometimes During? 

IT DEPENDS.  On typical 4-5 mile weekday runs I only take a few sips of juice or a few bites of yogurt.  Afterward, I eat my usual oatmeal with blueberries and milk.  On long weekend runs, I eat breakfast 1.5-2 hours before, usually oatmeal or a bagel with cream cheese.  When running double digits, I will eat a GU every 4-5 miles.   My favorite post long run meal is a scrambled eggs with cheese sandwich.   

5)  Accessories:      Music, Watch & More? 

iPOD and GARMIN.   I love my Shuffle because it's so light, the size of a postage stamp, easy to clip on, and simple to change songs as needed.  I've had a Garmin 110 for years.  It's never failed me and I have gotten more than my money's worth out of it.  I can't run without these two things.

 6)  Rewards:     Food, Wine, or …?

COFFEE.  I don't drink my beloved coffee before a race.  So, that's the first thing I want when it's over -- iced in the summer, hot in the winter.
7)  Type of Run:     Long, tempo, intervals, hill repeats, progression, or recovery/easy?

PROGRESSION.  Most all of my runs are progressive, unless I'm specifically working on speed.  I'm usually still asleep on my first mile anyway after rolling out of bed around 5:30.  After I'm awake, I get faster as I go along with the final mile being the fastest.  I think it's good to simulate that race day fast finish as much as possible. 

I'm supposed to tag 7 others.  If you've already been tagged, I apologize.

Tag...Your It!

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Weekend Update

All of my early morning runs this past week were in the fog.  Hello humidity, I missed you (NOT)!  OK, I feel better now. 

I ran another 5k Saturday hoping to work on speed.  I've run the Enlisted Heritage race a few times. It was about 65 degrees and a little humid.   I had forgotten how tough mile 2 is.  It is all uphill (116 feet in one mile), and at times quite steep. I was hoping for an overall average pace of 8:30 or less, but mile 2 massacred that plan.  However, I felt good with my mile 3 pace of 8:19.   I'm thinking at least that mile counts somewhat as speed work -- yeah sounds good, I'll go with that.   My overall time was enough for 3rd place in my age group.   It was nice to visit with my running buddies Jenny and Valerie.

Valerie, Jenny and Me

The remainder of Saturday was spent at a T-ball game, running errands, doing yard work and capped off with PoPo's delicious grilled burgers.  I also got to snuggle with my new granddaughter and bake cookies with my grandson.

These are blooming in the yard

Sunday, I ran 11 slow miles in preparation for the Biggest Loser half next weekend.  This race was in February last year and I did well with a 2:01:08.  There must have been an issue with the date because the race is still Mardi Gras themed (wasn't that 2 months ago?).  It's already warm and humid now and difficult for me to breathe easily.  I've set no goals for this race, no unrealistic expectations.  I'm just going to run comfortable (until the last few miles anyway) and enjoy it.  Dare I run without my Garmin?  Eek!  No can do.

Did anyone else race this weekend?

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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Five Trips

... Down Memory Lane

Happy Friday everyone!   Today's DC Trifecta topic is Five Trips.

My trips are down memory lane.

Reflecting on how it started has given me a much needed, healthy dose of perspective.  There's nothing better than fresh motivation and determination to move forward.  Here's to all the new memories.

First Running Steps

I was bored with my lunchtime routine at the Y.  I made up my mind to run on the treadmill one day when the gym was cavernously empty.  My first goal was to run to an entire song without stopping (and then two times, etc.).  It certainly didn't happen overnight.  I remember being ecstatic when I reached 6 minutes.  Which song?  Lou Bega's Mambo No. 5.  Hee hee -- I don't know why!  I have it on my iPod just for old times sake.

A little bit of Monica in my life...
A little bit of Erica by my side...

First Outdoor Run

I ran beside my sister on the country roads around our childhood home on the muggy, quiet early morning day of our Mother's funeral.  It was a wonderful way to clear our heads, talk a little, find some peace and prepare for the long, sad, incredibly tough day ahead.

I then began running outdoors on weekends, but only with our dog Mini.  I'm a little embarrassed to admit that I was self conscious.  Mini gave me the excuse to justify why I was out running in the park.  {Hi folks, just exercising the dog here}.  Why did I feel I needed an excuse?  Thankfully, I quickly got over that nonsense.

First 5k

I was one month away from my first half marathon -- what was going to be my first race ever.  But, I was nervous!  I knew jack squat about running a race.  I decided to run the local Jingle Bell 5k to get an idea of what to expect.  It hurt!  (An omen!)  Initially, I sorta thought it was the worst experience ever.  How on earth was I going to run 13.1 miles?  How on Earth? 

But I was also proud of myself.  I finished in 30:42.  According to my trusty Timex sports watch (Garmin who?) I thought I had been training at an 11 minute pace.   I just rocked out a 9:54!  I can DO this!

My sister ran with me at my 3rd race ever (a 10k)!

My second Disney half (a better pic)

First Half Marathon

I credit our love of Disney World for giving me the motivation, The Reason, to run a race -- and it was going to be a half marathon!  I trained for four months.  Heck, there was no rush to even register.  I had the luxury of watching the runDisney % full statisitc slowly increase --- those were the good ol' days. 

I knew my family was there, but I had no hope of spotting them in the crowd.  When I turned the corner to come into the finish chute (after passing the choir singing We Are The Champions -- this still gives me chills), I looked up and saw my husband standing RIGHT THERE.  Right There!  The first words yelled out of my mouth?  "I ran every crappin' step!"   Yeah, maybe not the best choice of words for WDW.  After a Corral E start, my time was 2:26.

First Marathon

Fast forwarding through many miles and many races, I fully expect to make a new memory this year.  I'm not sure which marathon it will be.  It will partly depend on the lottery system.  I've got several options and will wait and see what happens. 

How I select it, or it selects me, will all be part of a wonderful new curve on my memory lane.

Take a trip down memory lane and please share it with me!
What started your running journey?

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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter 5k

Overalls and Masters
won insulated bottles.

I hope everyone had a lovely Easter weekend.

On Saturday morning, I decided to run a 5k just to force myself to work on speed.  The temperature was not too chilly but there was definitely a stiff cool wind.  I did OK.  As always, a 5k hurts from step one.  It felt like we ran up a gradual hill for the entire race and after checking my Gamin, I was correct.  We ran up 135 feet with a just a little downhill at the very end.
I managed to pace in the upper 8's and walked away as Masters Winner (6th female overall).  It was a very small race, but I felt pretty good about it.  Even though I certainly have work to do, my speed is not quite as slow as I expected it to be.

After a T-ball game and Thai lunch, we had our Easter celebration Saturday evening.  My teens and grandson dyed eggs.  For some reason, pink was the only color that would work in our store bought dye kit.  We hunted eggs several times.  My husband (aka The Master Griller) cooked steaks and I made spinach casserole, watergate salad, green beans, sweet potato rolls and key lime pie.  It was too much yummy food.

Sunday, I ran a "short" long easy-paced run of 7 miles.  I have a half later this month and didn't want to skip this run.  However, I waited too late and it was already extremely warm.  Where I live, we don't get much Spring and usually skip ahead to Summer.  This run zapped me good.

Several ladies seemed interested in the Running Dress I purchased at an expo recently.  I decided it was appropriate to try it out on an Easter run.  Surprisingly, I liked it very much!   The material felt great, not heavy.  It was a very windy day but the dress stayed put.  I had to figure out where to clip my iPod Shuffle but other than that, no problems.  It has a pocket in the back and although I didn't put anything in it on this run, it seemed easily accessible.

I was feeling pretty tired Sunday afternoon, something I continue to struggle with.
Thus, the rest of the day was spent relaxing in my swing. 

My favorite spot in the world

Did anyone else have a race?
Did you eat too much Easter food?

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Saturday, April 4, 2015

Coffee Talk

It's Saturday morning.  Let's settle in, have coffee and chat for a while!

My favorite.  The perfect size & weight.
Over Coffee...I'd tell you I'm a new grandma.  Well, at least a new HoHo anyway.  It's hard for me to accept I'm old enough for this!  Where did the time go?  I'd also admit I know nothing about girls.  I had all boys and then a grandson.  Being somewhat of a tomboy myself, I'm simply clueless.  Hair Bows?  Dolls?  Dresses?  Princesses?  Somebody Please Help Me!

Over Coffee...I'd tell you our youngest son turned 15 this week.  We had our first driving lesson together.  This is something I did with all my boys.  I am excellent at appearing calm.  He's our last driver, our last teenager {sniff sniff - sigh}.

Over Coffee...I'd tell you that after 3 months of extreme tennis elbow, I finally saw the doc.  Since it didn't hurt to run I just thought, why bother.   He said it would take a year to heal.  Are you kidding me?  Thanks to an excruciating cortisone shot, I will be pain free about a month but it will not help it heal.  I will water-ski this summer.  I will.

Why is this blooming?
Over Coffee...I'd tell you I'm beyond excited we have finally put in a sprinkler system and will be re-sodding our front lawn.  We live on a hill and had developed topsoil erosion.  Some of the yard was covered in moss, which admittedly was actually pretty.  At least it was green.  Hopefully, we can now keep the grass healthy and prevent erosion.  I actually enjoy yard work and find pulling weeds very therapeutic.  I need to replant the azaleas we lost to drought.  A strong husband and teenage boys are wonderful for digging holes (wink wink - tennis elbow anyone?).  Most of my remaining azaleas don't seem to be blooming.  But, yes-siree, my Christmas Cactus surely is. 

Over Coffee...I'd tell you I'm ready for something new in my running.  I've done the half distance to the extreme, and probably will not stop.  But, I'm looking for different.  Yes, I'll run that full this year and maybe I'll make the shift to that challenging distance instead.  Or, maybe I just need a new daily route, some new pavement.

What would you tell me over coffee?

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Thursday, April 2, 2015

It's All Good

Happy Good Friday!

Today's DC Trifecta Friday Five topic is Five Good Things.   

 OK--Let the Good Times Roll!

It's All Good

I have a coworker that says this hundreds of times a day.  I do appreciate the sentiment.  After dealing with difficult customers, I'm thankful she can maintain this attitude.  We should probably all take this approach to alleviate stress.  I admit it typically drives me a little insane after a while, but I think I'll let it slide today. After all, it's all good...

A Good Fit

I've never purchased much Reebok running apparel, maybe a pair of shorts or a tank.  But, I found this on the clearance rack at Dick's.  It feels heavenly.  It is so soft and comfortable under the arms!  And, it's so easy to get on and off.  This is the only color they had in my size (at least on sale - I don't pay full price for anything).  I've got to keep my eyes peeled for another.

This is good!
Good To The Last Drop

It's no secret I love coffee.  I've always been a huge Fivebucks fan (cough - I mean Starbucks), but I must confess the last two special order lattes I purchased (what I call The Ho) were not good.  No kidding, I paid five dollars to drink large hot milks.  Were the shots of espresso left out?  Did they change the recipe?

I think I'll stick with my home brewed Dark Magic K-Cups with Coffeemate Peppermint Mocha creamer for a while.  Thankfully, it's no longer a seasonal item and a staple in my refrigerator.  This coffee is also a very satisfying Onebucks. 

Mr. Goodbar

This has always been a favorite for my kids to find in their Easter baskets or Christmas stockings.  My 5 year old grandson will one get one too.  However, my brand new beautiful baby granddaughter will have to wait until she's older.  We'll have so much fun grilling, hunting Easter Eggs, and rocking (actually porch swinging) the baby in our backyard this weekend!  

Tell Me Something Good (Tell Me, Tell Me, Tell Me)

Yes, this is obviously a song...but it's also a radio segment where a trio of Nashville DJs each report a good news story every morning.  {Why does the media only report bad news anyway?}  We should adopt this in our own lives.  Say something good about someone else.  Do a Good Deed.  Kindness matters.  Speaking of Nashville, the show itself and the music on the TV show are Good Stuff.

Tell Me Something Good!

I truly hope you enjoy your Easter weekend.