Friday, July 31, 2015

Runfessions (July)

It's the last Friday in July and time for Runfessions over at Marcia's Healthy Slice.  Let's get started.

I runfess...

I puddle.  Uh huh, I do.  Not from bladder control issues (not yet anyway) but from good old sweat.  When I return from my morning runs, I stand at my kitchen nook.  It takes me a couple of minutes to save my Garmin info, sync my Fitbit, hydrate, and take my shoes off.  When I head upstairs for my shower, I leave this huge puddle on the kitchen floor.  Please tell me, you puddle too?

I runfess...

I finally hung my half marathon medals where you can actually see them.  I received two new medals racks for Christmas and have been intending to take care of this (yeah, I've really been slacking).  I ended up not using either of the new racks.  I decided to save the beautiful wooden maple rack my husband made for my marathon medals.  The other metal "BELIEVE" rack I asked for just doesn't hold squat, even with 2 extra extension bars.  So, I went with $9 curtain rods purchased at Walmart.  {Well there's a runfession it itself.  I've gone twice in one year!}.  The rods extend so I have plenty of room to add to my collection.  I runfess, I want to run a half right now.

I runfess...

When I checked the weather this morning before my run, I shed a little tear.  Mr. Dew Point was 68 degrees!  The temperature was still 75, but the humidity only 84%.  Only 84%!  That's simply unheard of here in late July.  I busted out a pace 46 seconds faster than yesterday's run and 1:06 faster than Tuesday's run.  You see on Tuesday, Mr. Dew Point's evil twin Mr. Doo-Doo Point had taken over and given us the swampiest day yet.  I runfess, I did a happy dance out in the street at the end of my run.  Without that first I'm-still-asleep mile, I averaged the entire run at a sub 9 pace.  Do you know how long it's been since I've seen a number that begins with an 8?   Oh, and you'll be happy to know I puddled less today too.

Do you have anything you need to Runfess?

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Good Friends


I've always chosen to cherish just a few good friends.  It's never been necessary for me to have tons of people in my life.  Life is already so busy with children and grandchildren. 

The sad reality is that friends come and go.  I've lost friends as the result of job changes, being busy with young children, or people moving away.  A dear friend recently moved back to her home state after her husband passed away.  She was such a positive person.  I called her my little cheerleader.  She always brightened my day and I miss her greatly.

I go through phases where life feels narrow.  As busy as my life is, this actually sounds absurd to me.  But it's true.  That's why I really enjoyed getting into the local racing scene a few years ago.  I ended up meeting some incredible women and enjoyed spending time with them.  Having not raced much lately, I don't see these ladies very often.  I'm narrowing myself again.

It's always been a little hard for me to reach out and make new friends.  I still feel like the shy girl in the 4th grade with really big teeth and ugly glasses.  But I do reach out!  I ask people to do things. Most can't...or just don't.  I get that we all have incredibly busy lives.  In fact my job is so busy right now, I usually skip my lunch break.  I do miss my lunch or coffee dates with friends.  I'm narrowing myself again.

And then, there's this...I almost feel as if I get punished or perhaps turned away by some because I don't Facebook.  {Oh, yeah...I forget you don't Facebook so you don't know blah, blah, blah.}  It feels a little junior high school-ish to me.  Sorry, I'm not a follower.  Are the friends (or tags, or likes or followers) on social media the only ones that count?  Is that the true measure of friendship these days?  Is this narrowing me?

In an effort to connect with other women who run, I have this little blog.  I feel I've connected with so many wonderful and strong women who get it.  You get my crazy obsession.  I actually met a couple of you this year which was a very special treat (Pam and Tricia).  I hope I get to meet many others.  I also hope you will continue to connect with me.  Perhaps I'm widening.

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Sunday, July 26, 2015

75 Days


There are 75 days until my 1st marathon.  Oh, and 166 days to my 2nd marathon. If you read my blog, you know I don't go into much detail about training.  I just can't make it seem very interesting.   {I ran 6 miles at race pace.  It was hot.  It was humid.  It was hard.  See what I mean?}  I do usually mention my long run every week.


There is a method to my madness, sort of... 

I've settled into a 4 day training plan loosely based on one of Hal Higdon's.  (In prior summers I had been running 5 days a week to rebuild my base.)  One medium length run per week is devoted to speed.  Two runs are short and easy and of course you have a long run.  One day is for cross-training.  I slalom water ski on Saturdays usually completing 3 runs totaling 60-90 minutes or about 30-45 miles.  Surely this qualifies as cross training?  It may be a little too strenuous, especially the day before my long run, but I can't help it.  I enjoy it too much and it will end soon enough in September when the water gets cold.

The other junk I do...

I'd gotten into the habit of walking my dogs for 2 miles each evening.  Recently, I've cut back due to the heat and also in an attempt to give my hip extra rest.  For my Fitbit friends, that explains my lower numbers.  Most nights I foam roll, stretch and do a few exercises.  I've even tried a yoga routine for hips a few times.  {I know...ME!  I heard you gasp!}  I also kick around in the pool a bit.  It helps keep my legs and hips from getting sore after a long run.  My hip is so much better than it was in June and I've got to be prudent now.

What I want in 75 days...

My goal for the first marathon is to finish strong.  I constantly toss around pace and finish times in my head, but since I'm training in difficult conditions it's hard to estimate.  There will be no A, B and C goals.   Trying not to crawl across the finish line is basically MY GOAL.  Between my first and second marathons, I will have 13 weeks of cool weather.  I can't wait!  The goal for my second marathon is to beat my time from my first.  I hope I beat it up pretty bad!


This weekend's long run...

Sunday morning, it was the usual muggy 75 degrees at sunrise.  I hit the payment at 6:00 and clocked 14 solo miles.  I used my CamelBak again.  I really like it for long runs.  I ate two GUs and took 2 salt caps.  Unfortunately, the 3rd salt cap melted all over my phone before I could use it.  I tried to pick a flat route, but other than looping in the park 42 times (ugh--no way) it's not very flat around here.  It was 86 degrees when I returned home and took the plunge.  If the weather in Chicago is warm this year, I won't like it one bit --- but I guess I'll be used to it.

Do you follow your training plan to the letter?

What do you do for cross-training?

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

YOU Inspire ME

  • I am inspired by your triumphs.  They give me hope.
  • I am inspired by your struggles.  I respect that you aren't afraid to talk about them.
  • I am inspired by your humor.  If we can laugh about it, maybe we won't cry.
  • I am inspired by your patience.  You rehab your injuries and allow your body to heal.
  • I am inspired by your tenacity You run in sub freezing temps and unimaginable heat and humidity.
  • I am inspired by your courage.  You bravely accept challenges again and again. 
  • I am inspired by your commitment.  You follow your training plans even on the toughest days.
  • I am inspired by your wisdom.  You graciously share information that can help others.
  • I am inspired by your age.  You master runners kick butt and take names.
  • I am inspired by your encouragement.  Your kind words touch me deeply.
  • I am inspired by your friendship.  It is appreciated.

Who inspires you?


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Sunday, July 19, 2015

The CamelBak Will Be Back

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!  Saturday was our typical lake day.  It was just the two of us and so very hot at 100 degrees.   I was in the water enough to be fairly comfortable but the lake itself was 89 degrees.  That's just nasty warm.  I asked Popo to take a picture from his viewpoint.  Pretty interesting.  We stopped at our favorite oyster bar (again) on the way home.  I ate Oysters Rockefeller while he ate his oysters raw.

Objects in mirror are YOUNGER than they appear!  Ha ha.

I tried hard to get out the door early for my Sunday long run.  It just didn't happen.  I was tired from skiing and fell back to sleep for a while.  My shuffle decided to die and that, along with other inconveniences, pushed me even later.  The forecast was for 100 degrees again and it was already 80 at 6:30 when I finally left home.   

Wanting a flatter route, I was determined not to loop around my house.   I decided to try the CamelBak Popo gave me for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I have this awful habit of making up my mind about something before I try it.  {This thing will drive me nuts!  What a waste of money!}

The reservoir holds 50 ounces but I only filled it with 34.  That's all the Gatorade Endurance I had mixed and chilled.  There are two pockets on the back.  One is large enough for a water bottle but I didn't want that extra weight.  The other zips and it's where I stored my GU, salt caps and phone.  It is easy to reach by pulling on the tab at the top.

After getting used to the initial weight and slight sway, I discovered...I like my CamelBak!  The great thing is, as you drink of course it gets lighter!  I was wearing a tank and the straps were sitting right against my skin.  I experienced no rubbing whatsoever, even in that heat!  It buckles in one place...high across the chest and very comfortable.  The spout was easy to drink from.  You bite down slightly and the liquid flows.  The hose and spout tuck away when not in use.  I have never liked carrying handheld bottles or having anything around my waist so this is an ideal solution for me.

I ran on the rural road behind our neighborhood.  The Gatorade was gone by mile 10 and I finished my run in the park where I could drink from the water fountain.  It was as tough and hot as you can imagine, but I managed to run 12 miles (and sprinkled in some walking for a total of 14).

Once home, I took my usual plunge.  However, when the water is 92 degrees -- it's not as refreshing as it sounds.

Have you tried running with a CamelBak?

What's your favorite hydration method?

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Saturday, July 18, 2015

That Time of the Month (July)

http://hohoruns.blogspot.comIt's That Time of the Month!  

Are you... 

Ticked Off?    
At Your Wit's End?

I'm co-hosting this newly monthly link up with my friend Wendy @ Taking The Long Way Home.   It's an opportunity for you to air your grievances!  Get those annoying things off your chest.  We hope you will join us. This link will stay open for a week, so you still have plenty of time!  (See rules here.)

It's Annoying...

I was in the grocery store recently.  There were two women shopping together, each with their own cart.  They kept blocking the aisle as they were stopping and discussing at length the merit of various items.  People were trying to pass from both directions, but these women were oblivious.  Is this a new thing?  Is the grocery store the new social scene?  If this is your time to be with your bestie, please share a cart!  It reminds me of runners who run 3, 4 or even more across making it difficult to pass.  I wonder if it would help if I yell out "ON YOUR LEFT" in the store?

It's Annoying...

I'm a huge fan of Mizuno Wave Inspires.  Huge.  I strayed once, never again.  But, oh my!  The last few pairs have developed holes.  The holes aren't fatal and likely don't affect the integrity of the shoe.   I just think at that price, there should be no holes in my shoe upper.  My older pairs didn't do this and they have countless miles.   Apparently they've changed to a thinner material.  The lavender pair is barely broken in.  Since I didn't like the color, I didn't wear them until recently.   And yet there it is -- a hole.  I can't have a hole in my marathon shoe!  That pair, I'm saving! 

It's Annoying...

Our A/C at work hasn't been able to keep up with our nearly 100 degree days.  Twice I've called the A/C man and twice I've been told I don't know how to set a thermostat.  I've been setting it on 74 degrees.  It runs nonstop and we get an 80 degree room temp.  Per patronizing neanderthal A/C man, I should set it on 72.  { Blink -- Blink }  Mmm...yeah -- that will make it colder!  It really annoys me to be treated like a uneducated, backwoods, gullible Barbie.  And yes of course, it's still 80 degrees.  Run sweats, office sweats, and night sweats.  Good times.

It's Annoying...

I'll leave you with one more irritation.  People who use the wrong verb tense, perhaps even intentionally.  The one that really grates on my nerves is "They come over last night".  Really?  I get the whole it's-what-I-grew-up-with thing and admit, I myself can really bust out some very southern "rural" talk.  But, especially in a professional setting, you can't hear how wrong that sounds?  One more tiny thing...if you add the word "done" in front of that verb you'll hit the mother lode of annoyance.  "She done come to work."   THE...WORD...IS...CAME.

Tell me, what's annoying you?

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Where I Run

It's A Beautiful Day In This Neighborhood...
A Beautiful Day For A Neighbor...

I run in my neighborhood.  Every Run.  I don't drive anywhere for meet ups.  Why would I?  It's so quiet here and shady too.  I'm out on the streets on weekdays before my little world even wakes up.  This is standing in front of my mailbox where I keep my supplies.  During the week, that's usually just a water bottle...but so much more on the weekends.  My runs starts by going up this hill.

Ahhh, this is my favorite section of road.  It's a 1/2 mile of a very gentle downhill grade.  It's really the only downhill section I have.  I love doing my speed work here.

We're lucky to have a park with a running/walking trail.  The mileage is a little off.  Three laps is more than one mile.  I ran countless laps here training for my first half marathon.  Yes, I would literally lose count.

Although the trail is flat, I don't run in the park much nowadays.  I can feel more breeze in the streets.  Occasionally, I'll finish a hot run with a few laps here because I can always find shade and there is a water fountain.  I have to be careful of the gnats that swarm around the creek running along one side.  {Do I really need to inhale any protein today?}  My favorite time to run in the park is in the fall.  The path is really pretty with yellow leaves scattered about.

This is the hill leading back to my house...the biggest one we have.  If I need to loop by the mailbox for supplies (aka summertime), I've got to run THE HILL.  You'd think I'd be good at it by now.

So, that's where I run.  It's nothing fancy.  But, it sure is convenient and quiet.  Most importantly, it gets the job done.

Do you run in your neighborhood?

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It's That Time of the Month!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Weekend Struggle

The weekend started great.  This little bling arrived in the mailbox.  I can now wear my Fitbit all dressed up.  I found this charm for only $13.89 on Amazon.  I also wear it with the colored bands for a casual look.

Saturday was spent riding and skiing at the lake.  We are still breaking in the boat's new engine, which requires that I ski at varying speeds (normal is 30 mph).  It's tough on my body to go any faster or slower than normal, especially my hands.  In hindsight, 3 long runs may have been too much.  We stopped at our favorite oyster bar on the way home appropriately named Aw Shucks.  Naturally, a couple of refreshing margaritas were consumed.

I planned to run 12-13 miles early Sunday morning.  Because of the too-much-fun day on Saturday, I didn't wake as early as planned.  It was 6:45 by the time I hit the pavement.  It was already over 80 degrees with humidity well into the 90s.  There was not one whisper of a breeze.  Not.A.Puff.  I believe this was my worst run ever.  EVER.  I struggled.  My whole body felt like lead in addition to the fact I could not find the air!

Talk about a Humbling Experience.  I shuffled through 9 miles.  It was not pretty and I had to walk a lot.  My Fitbit recorded a total of 11.5 miles including the walking breaks.  It definitely leaves me questioning my sanity in choosing to train for a fall marathon in these conditions.  If I struggle to pound out 9 miles, how will I run 15 or 20 or 25?

I took the plunge when I got home (again).  I even jumped in with my running shoes on.  My sweat was already squishing out of their sides and I figured the chlorine would help the ensuing smell.   It was too hot to do anything but stay in the water, so that's what I did most all day.   We even got our dogs to float for a while. The grandkids and granddog came later so we had our normal wild and chaotic afternoon in the pool.

Is anyone else struggling with their long run?

What fun thing did you do this weekend?

Did you hear about That Time of the Month?  It's this Saturday.  Please join us.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Lil Ol' Me

The incredibly talented Hailey from Striding Strong recently tagged me to answer a few fun non-running questions.  Here goes nothing...

What is something people might be surprised to learn about you?

I was trained to play classical piano and took lessons for many years.  Now, I rarely play.  My piano's sole purpose is to hold picture frames and collect dust.  For a period of time, I played after supper every evening to get one of my dogs to eat.  She'd carry her food into the room, drop it on the floor, and eat while I played.  Beyond weird.  I still crank out a few tunes during the holidays. 

Have you ever met someone famous?

No, never!  I've seen a few famous people.  But, I've never spoken to or gotten a picture made with anyone I consider famous.

What is something you hope will never come back in style?

Big hair.  I cold-turkey quit the curling iron and hairspray years ago.  Never again.  My kids said I had what they called "fluffy hair" and told me I looked like Doris Roberts, Raymond's mom on the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond.  Eek!  {Love you too!} 

What is one thing on your travel must-see bucket list.

This one is tough!  I'm always willing to go anywhere and see anything.  I still haven't made it to the Grand Canyon. 

Who would you want to play in a movie of your life?

Reese Witherspoon is southern and blonde and probably the most logical person, y'all.  I hear she runs too!

Who is your favorite Disney Princess?

I'm too old to have been acquainted with Disney Princesses as a child.  And although we were (are) huge Disney fans, our three boys certainly cared nothing about them.  I would probably pick Ariel simply because of my love of water.  (I know she's a mermaid -- does she count?)

What would you sing at karaoke night?

Actually, karaoke goes on in my head 24/7.  The bar is always open, so to speak.  Always.  Even.At.Night.  Just ask what I'm currently tuned into and I'll sing you a few bars.  But for an official karaoke night, I'd go with an oldie:  Give Me Three Steps by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Who would you want to be stranded on a desert island with?

I'd have to say my husband (aka PoPo).  He's very resourceful.  Also, he can quote lines from Gilligan's Island and I'm positive this useless trivia would be extra helpful!  Although, after a few hours we may want to lovingly choke each other.  All kidding aside -- we always have a blast when we travel.  This would be no different.  Maybe we could distill our own rum...and make banana cream pies.  I'm sure he knows how Mary Ann did this without electricity. {Guess what song's in my head now!}

What clothing item/accessory/shoes do you have way too many of in your closet?

I'm not a fan of shopping, but I do have quite a collection of shoes.  Aside from the many pairs of running shoes I can't seem to part with, there are tons of sandals in there.  {How many black sandals does one person need?}  And lordy -- look at all the flip flops...the staple of a southern woman.  

What is your biggest pet peeve?

People who smack and pop their chewing gum.   This is followed closely by people who can't speak using the correct tense of a verb.  But I think I'll save this annoying topic for the first That Time of the Month linkup. 

Wendy from Taking The Long Way Home is joining me as co-host of this new monthly linkup.  It's your chance to get those things you find so annoying off your chest.  Take this opportunity to clear your mind so you may focus on your training!  Wendy and I are beyond excited about this and hope you'll join us.  Please mark your calendars for Saturday July 18th and be a part of the inaugural link.

How would you answer one of these questions?

I'm tagging just a few of my favorite bloggers (there are so many!) to answer these same questions.  If you've already done this, please accept my apology:

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

I'm Humbled

Humidity = Humility

I am not surprised that these words are so similar.  Just look at them!  One letter separates the two.  When it comes to running, the humidity is the one thing I am humbled by the most.  Each spring, I innocently believe that I can keep my winter paces...that I can breathe that cold air and let my feet fly.  I foolishly think if I only work hard, smart, or maybe even differently, the humidity won't affect me this time.  And each year, it teaches me a lesson.

Alas, I continue to be humbled by something completely out of my control.  Even more humbling is the fact not everyone seems as affected as I do.  The lucky runners are able to adapt to the humidity.  Some ladies I typically compete with will leave me in the dust during a summer race.  Why me?

I eventually come to terms with the humidity every year.  I have to.  I remember that the only thing I can do is put forth the incredibly hard effort and be confident it will pay off later.   I make myself focus only on positives:  Yes, that winter race will be a piece of cake after this!  What doesn't kill me makes me stronger!   

Most importantly, I KEEP RUNNING.  I put one incredibly humbled, sweat-soaked foot in front of the other -- over and over and over again.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

Scenes From A Holiday Weekend

I was off Friday and ran my typical 5 early-morning miles.  I have nothing to report as I left my Garmin at work and couldn't even tell you my pace.  Our mission for the long holiday weekend was to break in our boat's new engine (we're still reeling from this sticker shock!).  You aren't suppose to run it at full throttle for so many hours (blah blah blah).  So, this was my view for most of the weekend.  I enjoy riding backwards.  I guess I like the view.  And yes, I need a pedicure.

This is what I see on my dog walk Friday evening...the third one this year.  It's hard to tell, but this one was about 3 feet.  My dogs were highly upset that I stopped.  Later, we get caught in a horrible storm.  Lightning was popping, wind gusting, and the hair standing up on my arms.  We hightailed back to our house...half a mile, uphill, running at full speed in flip flops and bluejeans.  (Shoot -- no Garmin stats.)  I'm practically dragging Special Dog as he is terrified of thunder.  Smart Dog was up for the challenge and loved every frightful second of it.  Maybe she's not as smart as I thought?

After spending time Coffee Talking Saturday morning, the 4th was spent on the lake again.  Riding, riding, riding.  And finally...this happened.  I think PoPo felt sorry for me and asked if I wanted to try to ski.  Let me give a little background here.  I do what they call a deep water start.  I rely on the boat and PoPo to gun it and snatch me out of the water on one ski with both feet already secured in boot bindings.  But, there could absolutely be no gunning it today.  I was willing to try...and I did it.  It was not easy but worth the effort

Photos are never very good as this is 75 feet from the boat

Thunderstorms eventually drove us from the lake.  We rounded out our 4th by grilling chicken kabobs in the storm.  We had fresh white corn and homemade blackberry cobbler -- which I must say was the best thing I've tasted in a long time.

Sunday morning, I woke up to this.  Uh oh.  It's long run day.  I'm not running in this after my close call Friday night.  Miraculously by 9:30, it had all pushed south.  Even though it was so much later than I wanted, out the door I went for a 9 mile run at a 10:09 pace (Garmin's back!).  You can guess what the weather was like after the storm.  HUMID and HOT.

Sunday afternoon was spent in the backyard.  I'm returning to work Monday so I can get some much needed rest.

Please tell me about your holiday weekend!

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Coffee Talk (July Edition)

Happy 4th of July!

It's a holiday weekend.  Let's settle in, have coffee and chat for a while!

Over Coffee...

I'd relate how I recently went through the drive thru at my regular Starbucks, actually it was my reward for surviving Walmart.  Anyhoo, they got my order wrong.  I have a painfully long, drawn out conversation with window-lady regarding said wrong order.  She admits she recognizes me, should have known what I wanted, remembers my cute credit card (scary!), yada yada and even more yada yada.

While I'm waiting for them to re-make my iced coffee, I glance in the rear view mirror to see how many cars I'm holding up in the line. know, I might as well check my appearance.  *** EEK! ***  A piece of spaghetti is stuck on my lip (aka -- lunch revisited).  Now I need a new Starbucks!  {Here comes the old lady with the noodle on her lip!}  I probably fit right in at Walmart.

Over Coffee...

I'd tell you how I found a pair of Feetures running socks at an outdoor shop for only $3.  Never mind that they are a size smaller than I would typically buy.   Heck, for $3 I'll scrunch up my feet!  Actually, I stretched them out while they were wet and they feel fine.  My running socks never grace the inside of a clothes dryer.  No, no, no.

Speaking of running, you'd hear how I've had a few really good and strong runs this week.  Note I did not say fast.  But, I returned to the house energized as opposed to completely zapped from heat and humidity.  Maybe there is hope after all.  I can DO this marathon thing!   (Do you hear that, stupid hip?  Huh?)

Over Coffee...

I'd tell you we typically enjoy the 4th of July holiday at the lake or in the pool, maybe eat BBQ and shoot fireworks -- but keep the day pretty low key.  This holiday is a little sentimental for me.  I always think about My Dad (see recent post) who passed away on this date 25 years ago.  While my Mother was still alive, we would meet her at the beach for this holiday.  Our small children were always an excellent distraction for her on this day.

What would you tell me over coffee? 

Do you have special plans for the weekend?

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

An Independent Runner

An independent runner...
  • needs no one to urge her to run
  • has no problem running solo
  • is comfortable with solitude
  • finds motivation within
  • does not measure successes against others
  • makes her own decisions
  • is comfortable traveling to races alone
  • determines what works and sticks with it
  • cherishes a few close friendships


I independent runner!

Do you thrive with others around or prefer to go solo?

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