Thursday, May 25, 2017

Runfessions (May)

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I Runfess...

I drank the Kool-Aid...or at least I'm drinking it in smoothie form.   My college kid is home off and on for the summer and has brought the smoothie train with him.  [That...and a new puppy.  Heavy Sigh.]  After refusing to buy a ticket for years -- being too lazy to drag out the blender and then having to clean it -- I have hopped on board that speeding train and don't want to disembark.   Oh, the things you can hide put in a smoothie!

I Runfess...

Speaking of hiding things, I'm now trying beet powder for inflammation.  Wendy feels she's had success drinking beet shots, so I thought...what the heck.  Beets it is.  But because I'm so cheap wanting something more economical, I bought beet powder.  If you don't mind your food turning bright red, there are a lot of options here.  Red Oatmeal.  Red Yogurt.  Red Smoothies.  Red Mashed Potatoes.  Kidding.  My old lady supplements arsenal is growing!  I already take Glucosamine, Chondroitin and MSM for joint mobility and flexibility, Vitamin D-3 for healthy bones, and of course Whey Protein to give me those enviable muscles.  Bahahaha. 

"Mom, why is the banana smoothie red?"
"Just a few raspberries honey..."

I Runfess...

In my mind (and let me admit what a scary place that can be!) I've been planning to do my first sprint triathlon of this season in June.  It was my first and favorite from last summer -- Callaway Gardens.  Except, I finally went online to check the date.  It is one week after the Utah Valley Half Marathon.  Have I swam one stroke?  Well OK -- I did just this week in a state of pure panic.   But, I haven't been on my bike in weeks.   Brick workouts?  Ain't nobody got time for that!  I still may take the plunge.  The swim is so shallow, I could walk it.  Seriously.  Plus, I completed two long rides inside their hilly gardens (45 and 60 miles) over the winter.  Surely I can bike the required 9 miles?  I'll pretend the running leg isn't happening.

My first sprint triathlon!  I placed 5th out of 29 in my age group

I Runfess...

When I got in the pool in my panic-induced state this week, the water was still nippy. I decided to wear my spring (shorty) wet suit.  Yes, the same one I nearly dislocated my shoulder contorting into recently to water ski -- only to ski wearing it fashionably inside out.  Let the record show it's much easier squeezing into it right side out.  OMG -- Why haven't I done this before?  Swimming is so much easier with the buoyancy of a wet suit.  I get it now, triathletes!  And, I'm a little embarrassed that it took me so long.

I Runfess...

I finally did it!  I obtained Gold Status at Starbucks.  I slaved diligently for months shoveling up those pretty stars, drinking that coffee flavored Kool-Aid.  So naturally I was expecting something truly magnificent for my efforts.  Fireworks.  A trophy.  A free drink!  Extra stars!  Nope.  Nothing.  "Congratulations on becoming a Gold Status member..."  {...Crickets...}  So I haven't been frequenting the joint as often.  Oddly enough, I've dropped a couple of pounds.   Go figure.

What do you need to Runfess?

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Sunday, May 21, 2017

Pancakes and Puke (WW # 94)

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I didn't include anything about the recent Pancake Run For Missions 5k last week.  The temperature wasn't too bad (66), but the humidity was 100%.  I was happy to run fairly even splits but it certainly wasn't my day for speed.  I could still feel those Door County Half Marathon hills.  This 5k is a favorite of mine.  It runs through such a beautiful, grand, older neighborhood and (doh) they serve pancakes afterwards.    And...give out trophies.  {Just sayin'.}  It was good to see some old running friends and meet a few new ones too. The sweet lady (age 44?) who won overall female had not raced at all since running track in high school.  You go girl!

The summer heat and humidity returned this week with a vengeance.  I managed a slow 10 miler in Saturday's steam bath and some downhill interval training in Sunday's -- my 400s averaged 7:49 and my 600s averaged 7:52.  It was all I could do not to puke.  {Keeping it real!}   Other runners talk about acclimating to it but I never seem to.   Kudos to those that can.  In my mind, that would classify as a super hero power.  [For the life of me, I could not come up with a good super hero name.  Ho-midity Humbler?  Give it your best shot!]

Unfortunately my left hip continues its crankiness, which is just another item for the it's-always-something file.  It does seem somewhat better after rolling that piriformas with a tennis ball and stretching that hamstring.  I'll definitely keep that up all week.

Highlights of the week:

My running friend Beth at the Pancake 5k.
Age group award.  Whoot!
New shoe day.
Have you heard about the Runner Girl Gang?
You are all part of my sisterhood!
I surrender to thee, Humidity!

And, no puking for the win!

And that's a wrap!

What are your tricks for beating the heat and humidity?

What is your Super Hero power?

Any tips for un-cranking a cranky hip?

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Shut The Door (WW # 93)

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Hmmm...  How do I start this race review?  My friend Wendy has already posted such a wonderful recap.  I could just say "ditto" and move on.  You have my permission to skip ahead, but I hope you'll hang tight.

Ten weeks ago, I returned to running on a freshly healed fractured foot.  Trying to be prudent, I added mileage relatively slowly, at least initially.!  Sadly, it still does.  Wanting to get back in the game at any speed, I took Wendy up on her offer to come to Door County, Wisconsin and run in beautiful Peninsula State Park.

Thank you for my #holottafun Momentum bracelet, Wendy!

I fretted about the storms on travel day, but thankfully everything went smoothly and soon enough I'm in Wendy's car road-tripping for the final 3 hour leg of our journey.  It was the farthest north I've ever been.  For a little perspective, it is higher than Toronto, Canada. 

As you can imagine, time passed quickly as we Thelma and Louise'd our way north.  Soon, we were driving through quaint coastal towns dotting the shoreline.  Wow!  Such a picturesque place!  Her parents were gracious enough to open their home to me and I could not have been more appreciative. {Thank you Papa D and Mama J for your hospitality!}  We dined on delicious fish tacos as we celebrated Cuatro De Mayo that evening, thinking Cinco would not be the best idea before our race.

After a rare opportunity to sleep in Friday morning, we had a fun day playing tourists.  We enjoyed many hilarious attempts of nabbing the perfect picture on the curvy road to the ferry dock.  But, we decided the outtakes were better than the picture itself. 

We tried over and over to beat the timer!
The cars coming to and from the ferry were no help at all.

Wanting to see a lighthouse, we visited Eagle Bluff and then drove the race course.  Obviously completely off of our rockers, we decided those hills would be manageable the next day {bahahaha} and proceeded to the expo.  We couldn't resist the quarter zip pullover in raspberry.  In fact, Wendy wore hers the next day.  She also splurged on a parking pass which garnered us a sweet spot right at the runner's village.  We dined on delicious walleye with her parents and called it a day.

It's race day!  The temp?  Low 40s.  {Woo Hoo!}  The wind?  20-30 mph!  {Oh My!}  Unsure of whether we would be sheltered from it, I dressed a bit too warm.   After a quick porta-potty visit and the obligatory pre race photo, we headed toward the starting line.  It was quite crowded and we stopped moving forward near the 2:25 pacer as I planned to start slowly anyway.   After a good luck fist bump, we were off.

Pre race.  Can you tell it's windy?

The bagpiper playing as we started  (and again later on the course) is one of my favorite memories.  I was caught up in the throng for about a mile before there was enough space to maneuver, but that fit my plan.  We inhaled a few swarming mayflies for extra protein and then Wendy was gone from view.

Not the hilliest race I've run, but they just kept coming!

La de da.  Up, down, left, right.  Keep it slow.  Repeat.  On top of the first huge hill, there was a pirate ship complete with costumed pirates working the aid station.  It was tempting to stop for a picture, but I didn't.  La de da.  Don't push too hard yet.  At some point I spotted Wendy over to my left.  Where did she come from?  I checked in and we both admitted it felt hard but we seemed OK.

La de blah, la de blah.  Man those hills kept coming.   I was pleasantly surprised by the number of spectators at the cheer zones.  Each time, their roar was a nice boost.  A freaky costumed white bunny was offering beer.  I declined.  Wendy and I swapped places over and over in the heart of this race.  Then, she pulled ahead toward the end.

The view from Peninsula State Park.
The blurry dots are mayflies!
I was trying to leave a little gas in the tank for a finish line sprint.  Mile 12 felt especially tough with the glaring sun and stiff wind as we ran back along the sparkling bay.  When I saw the finish, I gave it everything I had.  I didn't think I had caught Wendy and was shocked to see our exact same finish times 2:12:06.  We doubled over...completely spent.  And hugged hard.  She was a beast and definitely showed RA who is in charge!  Her parents were there cheering at the finish line.  That really touched me as I've never had a parent at one of my races.  In fact, it made me a little teary eyed.

DETERMINATION.    It's written all over our faces.

This race was a huge challenge.  I walked occasionally.  Had to!  My heart rate was extreme (average=178  max=212).  I was grateful for no issues other than mild foot cramping, causing me to take all of my Salt Caps.  Naturally, my thoughts ran the gamut of never racing ever again to wondering if I could hit my 50th half marathon by year end.  I think the latter won out.

We hit the runners village and sat down to compare notes while sipping our free beer.  Before we knew it, everyone was packing up.  They wanted us to go to a nearby location where they had a live band and were raffling off door prizes {fail--we forgot our tickets!}.  At Husby's, Whiskey Trio was rockin' the tunes and we couldn't help but sing away the afternoon in the warm sunshine.  Taking requests, they sang Sweet Home Alabama for the "first place lady runners up on the balcony". 

Why is this so hard, Wendy?

We stopped for a jumping picture at the beach and again were more amused by our hysterical failed attempts than the good picture.  We capped off the evening dining with her parents.  I inhaled delicious salmon topped with triple berry chutney and we celebrated our finish with fresh, local cherry pie.

I know that was a lot to get through.  However, it is my way to preserve a wonderful and special memory for half marathon #45.  I can't thank Wendy enough for the invite and the ensuing #weholottafun.  I'm already looking forward to our next adventure {talking to you Chicago!}.  Go places.  Do things. Connect with dear friends. Have fun.  Sing.  Play.   I think you'll agree the numbers from a race are truly incidental to the experience itself.

And that's a wrap!

Tell me about the hilliest race you've ever run!

Happy Mother's Day!  How did you celebrate?

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Open the Door (WW # 92)

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In preparation for the Door County Half Marathon, I did ... not very much at all this week.  I acted like a slug tapered during this last week like a boss.  Aside from a short run on Tuesday morning, there was nothing else. Zip.  Nada.  No strength exercises, no cross training or cycling on the mag trainer.   This was all done in hopes that the aggravating little aches and pains from working hard over the past few weeks would calm down before Saturday {I'm talkin' to you left hip!}.   A girl can dream...

I felt the need to represent the entire color wheel!

I had no lofty goals for this half except to treat it like a training run with a strong finish.  Since I'm still training for the Utah Valley Half in June, I wanted to really practice pushing it on the downhill portions of this race.   Of course, that also meant successfully navigating the uphills.  And I knew there would be a lot of those!

As luck would have it, Thursday morning's travel was shaping up to be a stressful, stormy southern mess.  I prayed there would be no road or flight delays en route to beautiful Door County, Wisconsin.   This is the part of racing that makes me nervous...always the travel logistics, never the race itself. 

And that's where I'll have to leave you.   Hopefully, I'll get a chance to add a quick summary or pictures before this goes live.  If not, you'll have to check back later to see how my buddy Wendy and I experienced a #holottadoco fun and how half marathon # 45 went down.


Ready for adventure...  {#weholottafun}
And that's a wrap!

Tell me about your week!
How long do you taper before a race?

Wednesday, May 3, 2017


Use your imagination!  You’ve often heard it said
Otherwise your brain will atrophy, act dead
When it’s hard to think, to create, to explore
The best thing to do is head for that door
A run will set those creative thoughts free
Problems will be solved with so much energy
The birds will sing loud, announcing the day
The sunrise will capture magnificence at play
Nature’s beauty will help to clarify those thoughts
Give answers to the questions you’ve previously sought
Finally, it is time to run back toward home
To employ those imaginative thoughts while you roamed
But the one thought that is prominent when I am done?
I IMAGINE I’ll run again…tomorrow…for fun
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