Sunday, August 13, 2017

Odds and Ends (WW # 106)

We appreciate your support of the Weekly Wrap.  Our Guest Host Series continues for a few more weeks.  Thanks to all of you for making it a success.  This week's guest host is the lovely and inspirational Michelle @ Running With Attitude.  Be sure to visit Michelle and leave a comment.  Please do not just drop a post and run.  The sole purpose of this linkup is to support active women.  Our next guest hosts will be Madhuri @ Ponder 'N' Wonder on August 20th and Teresa @ Finding Fabulous at Fifty on August 27th.


If you read last week's Weekly Wrap, you know that Wendy came to visit.  In addition to our crazy water skiing antics, we also ran the Shake and Bake 5k.  Initially, I wasn't going to do a recap because....well, my performance sucked.  I didn't want to sound whiny.  But, that isn't fair to the race itself. 

You never know who the mailbox cam will capture!

The Shake and Bake 5k is a small race with a hometown feel.  I've run it twice before and did quite well both times.  Located in the shaded, hilly, quaint planned community of Mt. Laurel {note the word mountain in the name} it is the prettiest neighborhood route you'll ever experience.  I remembered their nice T-shirts -- in fact I still sleep in one -- and great post race fare.  When looking for a race, although small, I knew Wendy would enjoy this one.  Please read her excellent recap HERE.  Spoiler alert:  she smoked it.

The softest T-shirt you can imagine!
What went wrong?  It was hot but we did not have our usual excessive humidity; there was no visible muck in the air.  I could  say it wasn't my day and leave it at that -- but that is not quite accurate.  I have no legitimate excuses.  I simply failed to respect the distance and follow my normal routine.   Sparing you all my stupid decisions, I'll just mention the worst one -- drinking coffee while driving to the race, which I know from experience is a HUGE mistake.  {Yep, I had the side stitch from hell over that cup.}  No lie, I thought I was going to toss my cookies when I came across the finish line.  I had to sit in the grass for a few minutes and collect myself. 

When you boil it down,  I got what I put in ... my worst 5k time since my very first one!  Shame on me for not controlling the things I could.  I threw myself a wee pity party. By the time I had eaten the post race watermelon and a buttermilk popsicle from Steel City Pops, I felt much better.   [By the way, we both decided that popsicle was the best thing we'd ever eaten.]  After the stop at Peach Park on the way home for peach cobbler, I had decided it was good (yet humbling) lesson learned. 

Moving on...   Although I wasn't proud of my own performance last weekend, I am incredibly proud of this lady right here!

Congratulations, Karen!

Some of you may know Karen from Fit in France.  She has taken a step away from blogging but you can follow her on I/G @ fit_in_france.  I am privileged to be coaching Karen for her upcoming Disneyland Paris Challenge.  Because she was also registered to run the Beach to Beacon 10k, that's what we concentrated on first.  She tackled her speed intervals like a boss!  I'm so pleased to report she ran an excellent (yet hilly!) race with a finish time of 56:20.  I could not have asked for anything more.  I'm incredibly proud of the hard work she's put in over the last months.  It definitely paid off on race day. 

Saturday's "short" and hot ride of 21.6 miles

I ran a couple of times this week, but nothing over 5 miles.  With a few half marathons on the fall calendar, the real work will start soon enough.  Wanting to increase my cycling mileage for a fall Century Ride, I planned to ride 50 miles on Sunday.  I didn't make it.  I cried uncle at 33.  It was disgustingly hot and there was no shade on this route...except in the gazebo.  My total cycling mileage for the week was 79.7 collected from three rides.   I'm OK with that.  

Taking a shady break on Sunday's hotter ride.

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And that's a wrap!

Are you training for a fall race?  If so, which one?

Sunday, August 6, 2017

Visit and Giveaway (WW # 105)

We appreciate your support of the Weekly Wrap.  Our Guest Host Series continues strong.  Thanks to all of you for making it a success.  This week's guest host is the lovely and talented Heather @ 3 Black Cat Co.  Be sure to visit Heather and leave a comment.  Please do not just drop a post and run.  The sole purpose of this linkup is to support active women.  Our next guest hosts will be Michelle @ Running With Attitude on August 13th and Madhuri @ Ponder 'N' Wonder on August 20th.

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I had a visitor this week!  Wendy from Taking the Long Way Home came to play.  Our mission?  To water ski, and then water ski some more.  We had to be creative due to the iffy weather forecast, but we succeeded.  You know we had to throw in a steamy southern 5k for good measure.   How could we not?  It will take me some time to recap what all went down.  But for now, here are a few highlights.


Our first trip to the lake was in the wee morning hours of Friday.  That early wake up call was tough but absolutely worth the smooth lake conditions.  Sadly, we could not see the sunrise.  Wendy got up like a pro on her first attempt.  [Boom!] I was very impressed!  After seeing she had mad skills, I suggested we ski together -- in tandem.  This was something she had never done -- but always up for a challenge, she agreed immediately.

Smooth as glass!

#oldwomenstillslalom (but I'm not saying you're old, Wendy!)

The tandem skiing produced a lot of comments and suggestions from friends and family and it quickly morphed into what we did the next day...complete with 50's era flowered bathing caps and patriotic flags. We had a very enthusiastic audience of complete strangers riding by in a passing pontoon boat (who actually stopped to watch our amazing production).  This naturally added fuel to our fire. We laughed so much over this short video. 

It's fun to be silly, right?


To celebrate our Weekly Wrap's second anniversary, we are giving away prizes all month long!  The newly formed Runner Girl Gang celebrates the love, passion and friendship that is brought about by our shared love of running.  So, it's very appropriate to give away a Runner Girl Gang duffel bag (with other surprise goodies inside).

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What's the last thing you did that was complete silliness, but so much fun?

Who or what is part of your Runner Girl Gang?

And that's a wrap!

Friday, August 4, 2017

Coffee Talk (August)

Thank you, Wendy!

Welcome to Coffee Talk!

We've ushered in a new month and it's time for our monthly coffee date.  I'm excited to say I'm having an actual coffee date with one of our own.  Wendy from Taking The Long Way Home is visiting and we are sipping and swinging on my back porch.  

I haven't had the chance to thank her for my We Are Here Starbucks mug.  After finding out I did not get a Wisconsin mug at the airport after we ran the Door County half marathon, she sweetly had one sent to me.   I will always think of our weekend adventures when I use it. 

Over Coffee...

I'd admit I'm looking forward to getting my running mileage up and training for my next half marathon.  While the lower mileage and summer break was intentional -- and quite honestly it's been so hot and humid here that the running hasn't been the most enjoyable experience -- I do miss training.  Now that it is August, we should start having cooler mornings within 6 weeks or so.  It's something to look forward to.

Over Coffee...

Although my running mileage has been low, my cycling mileage is increasing nicely in preparation for a fall Century Ride.   I'm confident I can go the distance, but the time it requires is mind boggling.  First of all, I'm not a fast rider.  By the time you stop at a few (OK, all) rest stops, it will be an all day event.  It will be nice to have Teresa @ Finding Fabulous at Fifty pedaling beside me. We played around with the idea of only doing a Metric Century Ride but both realized it would be more satisfying to do the full 100+ miles.  Ha Ha -- someone as nutty as me!

There's a little my neighborhood...

Over Coffee...

If you are reading this Saturday morning, weather permitting Wendy and I are running a very steamy 5k.  The name should be a clue -- Shake and Bake.  I have run this race before and even placed in my age group.  I love the fact they give out gift certificates to the farmer's market located on the quaint town square where the race is held.  I don't think it will be me, but maybe my cohort will bring home the bacon (and squash and zucchini and tomatoes and peaches and honey and...).

Over Coffee...

I'd admit how disappointed I was with our weather when Wendy arrived Thursday.  After all, the plan was to water ski...and then water ski some more.  Sadly we didn't make it to the lake Thursday afternoon, but made up for it in the wee morning hours of Friday.  Don't we look as if we came straight from the Cypress Gardens Ski Show?  All we need are the retro flowered bathing caps.  

Over Coffee...

Yes, finally!  School starts next Thursday.  (What the what?  Who decides it should be a Thursday?)  Routine.  Normalcy.  Last child.  Senior year.  The official empty nest countdown has begun. 

What would you tell me over coffee?

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