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Calling All Active Women! 


Wrap It Up With Us!

This is a weekly linkup hosted by HoHo Runs and MissSippiPiddlin.  The purpose is to connect with and support other active women.  We want to hear about your weekly adventures.  You are encouraged to include anything you did to be active or anything you considered fun.  We want to hear everything and how you amazing women accomplished it all.  You can summarize your whole week or just a small portion of it.  It's up to you!  We also love race recaps so please feel free to include those too.

We hope you’ll join us in wrapping up your week!

Please follow these few simple rules:
  • The link goes live at  5 pm (CT) on Sundays and stay open for three days.
  • Keep it clean.  No inappropriate content or language.
  • Link a specific post (not just your blog) using the InLinkz button.
  • Visit as many bloggers participating in the link as you can.  Remember, the more you interact with others the more they will interact with you.  Don't forget to come back for later linkers!
  • Comment on every blog you visit, including your hosts.
  • Mention you are participating in this link and use the Weekly Wrap badge in your post.
  • It's courteous to provide a link back to each host.
  • If you have any questions, feel free to contact either one of us.
  • If you are not able to follow the rules, your post is will be deleted from the link.

We are changing things up for the summer!

Announcing… the Weekly Wrap Guest Host series.

Make Sure To Follow These Rules:
Linkers:  1) You will link as usual either here, on Tricia’s blog, or on the Guest Host’s blog. 2) In addition to the normal Weekly Wrap Rules, you are required to read and comment on the Guest Host’s post.  3) The Guest Host will read and comment on your post – just make sure you followed rule #2.  We think this will be a fun opportunity for you to connect with some different ladies.
Guest Hosts1) On your spotlight week, you will include the Weekly Wrap link at the bottom of your post.  2) You will read and comment on each linker’s post. Be forewarned, this is a lot of reading!  3) If linkers do not play by their rules, you are allowed to skip their post.  4) We ask that you encourage your readers who normally don't link to join us on the Weekly Wrap. 

We think this is a great opportunity for those seeking to grow their blogs or just want to make different connections.


  1. Replies
    1. It starts midnight on Sunday and will be open for 3 days. I hope you'll join us!

  2. So this means I can write a post between Sunday night 6pm cst and three day later and link it? Doesn't have to be written/published on Sunday, correct?

    1. Absolutely! The link stays open for 3 days. You can link whenever & whatever is convenient for you! We'd love for you to join in!

  3. Do you have html code for the badge?

  4. I"d love to guest host for you sometime this summer if you still need people

  5. HoHo, I'd love to be a Guest Host this summer if there are still openings! :)

  6. Hey Holly I would love to Guest Host this summer if you still have openings!

  7. Hello. Would love to be a guest host this summer if you still have openings :)

  8. If you need a guest host near the end of August, let me know!


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