Sunday, September 17, 2017

All Aboard! (WW # 111)

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This week started off watching Hurricane Irma slowly make her way north.   I had added an extra run last Sunday knowing we'd have a few days of rainy weather.  Thankfully we stayed on her "good" side, but it wasn't until Wednesday morning that I got out for a run.   Also shaping up to be our coolest morning of the week, I chose a tempo run.

And then our summer weather returned with a vengeance.  Friday's and Sunday's runs were in the soul searching, pace humbling humidity.  After three hours, Saturday's 40 mile bike ride had me completed cooked. There was no breeze and little shade.  

This was a failed bike selfie attempt.
 I thought the clouds were pretty!

Another failure trying to capture my shadow.
I captured the mileage on my bike computer though.

Earlier in the week this popped into my mailbox from; a century ride that was not even on my radar.  You may remember, Teresa and I were planning on an October ride.  After trying to schedule this for almost a year, not being able to coordinate dates, and wanting lately to "just get 'er done" going ahead with it next weekend seemed like the obvious choice   All aboard the crazy train...

We can only hope for cooler weather {probably not going to happen} or at least overcast skies.  Oh, did I mention the elevation gain on this ride is in excess of 4800 feet?   All aboard the crazy train...

Were you affected by Irma this week?

Have you boarded the crazy train lately?

And that's a wrap!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Best & Worst of Summer

Ah, Summer.  I have a love/hate relationship with you.  I eagerly await your appearance every year so I can zip across your warm lake waters with a rooster tail shooting up from behind.  And yet I'm always humbled by your pace-plummeting, breath-stealing, heat and humidity.  Every.Single.Year.

Judy, Marcia, Mary Beth, Me Zenaida, Teresa
 and Kristy (not pictured)

Summer began by joining fellow bloggers at the Utah Valley Half Marathon,  It definitely ranks at the top for one of my BEST racecations.  The beautiful scenic downhill course through Provo canyon was an added bonus.   College Kid tagged along and we had great fun exploring the canyons, waterfalls, hiking trails and caves in the area.  I would do this race again in a heartbeat, and would even consider running the marathon distance.

We ran down through those canyons!

After this race, I felt I needed an off season.  My three summer months of reduced mileage equaled a mere 140.  I think I can say this was my WORST summer mileage on record.  After marathon training for the past two summers, I thought it would be difficult to implement my plan.  But having issues in need of rest and recovery, the off season was appreciated.  Besides, my sweat was sweating.

By contrast, I cranked out 404 miles on Sanity.  Deciding to train for an October century ride (or even a metric century) with Teresa definitely racked up the cycling miles.  The BEST thing?  I overcame my fear of riding while clipped in on streets with traffic and with those hairy, last second traffic stops.

On to my favorite activity...I'm calling this water skiing season the BEST ever.  Not only did I get an early April start, Wendy traveled south to ski with me.  I had never met another woman that slalomed until finding her through our blogs.  After finally accepting my incessant invitation, we could not have had more fun.  I giggle every time I see one of our countless pictures. We are already working on the production of next year's water ski show.


Of course while Wendy was here, we had to find a race to run.  I recorded my WORST 5k time since my very first, almost a hundred 5ks ago.  Not respecting the distance and sort of forgetting I was running that low mileage, no speedwork plan, I completely tanked at the Shake and Bake 5k.  Moving on...

Finally, some of the BEST sunrise and sunset pictures were captured on the lake the year.  My trusty boat driver [and the PoPo to my HoHo] has become quite the photographer...even if he still rolls his eyes when I make my request.   

Tell me a BEST and a WORST from your summer!

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Sunday, September 10, 2017

Before the Storm (WW # 110)

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This week started with the much appreciated Labor Day holiday.  After a very warm late morning run of four miles, we returned to the lake in the late afternoon.  The conditions were ideal and PoPo captured this for me just before sunset.

Sunshine on my shoulders makes me happy....

The focus this week was regular ol' running.  A cold front moved through and I took advantage of our chilliest morning (57 degrees) to work on speed, something I haven't done in quite a while.  Although not particularly speedy, it felt good to push the pace.  Yes -- there is work to be done!

No tank top -- a dead giveaway it was chilly!

My running friend Barbara joined me for most of my seven miler Saturday morning.  With it being breezy and 62, this run felt great.  It is not often that I have the opportunity to run with anyone, so when I get to chat and run -- the miles fly by.  I wanted to keep running, but forced myself to stop.

Post run silliness

I had not planned to run Sunday, but the thought of cycling in the wind was not appealing.  Also realizing our weather was going to tank due to Hurricane Irma's new track, I decided to get in another run. I ran six easy midday miles, keeping my heart rate low (149).  That put me at 22 miles for the week, more than I intended.  Next week's lower mileage should even it out.

School has been cancelled.  Publix has closed (peeps, this must be serious!).  I'm storing all the possible missiles (aka yard art) from our back yard.  And I'm busy catching up on laundry in case the power is out for an extended period of time.   Obviously our weather won't be as bad as it is in Florida but my biggest fear is the huge trees (like in the picture above) will come crashing down...on our house.  Stay safe everyone! 

And that's a wrap!

How often do you run with someone else?

What is your scariest weather story or fear?

Sunday, September 3, 2017

And So It Begins (WW # 109)

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I hope everyone is enjoying their Labor Day weekend!  It's pretty chaotic around here with 4 adults, a pack of teens, two grandkids and 5 dogs (what the what?) so I'll keep this short.

This week marked my start of regular running and training for fall races.   I've been active all summer with loads of cross training but I kept my running mileage low. After training the past two summers for marathons, I decided to take an off season this year.  Now it's time to get back to business.
My first official training run felt great!

I admit, it will take a bit of restraint to build slowly and not jump in and start running 20-25 miles a week.  I kept it to 3 runs for a total of 14 miles. I even ran one evening after work which is so out of character for me.  It was breezy which made the feels-like 92 not seem so bad.

Hot, but better than expected!

I decided not to cycle this week in an effort not to overdo. My achy leg is so much improved and I want to keep it that way.  There were two strength training sessions and one trip to the lake for about 35 miles of water skiing

The water is cooling off very fast!

We had a visitor on the boat today.

And that's a wrap!

How many miles are you averaging each week?

How will you spend Labor Day?

Friday, September 1, 2017

Coffee Talk (September)


Welcome to Coffee Talk

It's time to settle in and chat a bit as we sip from our cups.  We are heading into a sparkling new month with less humidity (a girl can dream) with bright hopes for the fall and winter racing season.

Over Coffee...

Have you seen the running bra with a heart rate sensor?  The manufacturer promises it will sync with smart phones, apps and running watches.  What a cool idea!  You know how I love my technology, but then I thought -- I can do that with my Blink 3.0!  I detached the Velcro band and slipped the small square into my running bra.  It stayed put, I couldn't tell it was there, and it worked ... somewhat {cue deflating balloon noise}.  I think my placement needs revision.  Never underestimate the power of female ingenuity.  I'm determined to make it work. 
Over Coffee...

On the subject of coffee, Waffle House does not have the best Cup of Joe (in my humble opinion).  But, we stopped there so Wendy could have the very unique experience that is dining at Waffle House after our recent crack of dawn water skiing excursion.  Other than the gals on break out back wanting to go with us in our boat, and a patron being unable to fit in one of their booths, it was a pretty tame visit.  We were ravenous after hours of skiing and my waffle with peanut butter chips hit the spot. 

Just the way I like it -- NO SYRUP !
Over Coffee...
I've known a long time that Waffle House sold compression sleeves.  A running buddy and I discovered this while waffling after a race years ago.  We called ourselves Team Waffle House and always joked we would buy a pair.  Well, this week I ordered a pair.  I mean...why not?  I'll definitely be easy to spot at a race, so make sure to say hello.

These beauties are in route to me as we speak...

 Over Coffee...

The lure of another marathon is a powerful thing.  I've been debating over tackling number four for a few weeks.  Signing up early seems to be a curse for me, so I'd rather pick one in my head and not register until the last minute.   But I admit, that whole training for a race in your head doesn't feel as accountable as one that's already hit the old bank account.   Decisions.  Decisions.

Over Coffee...

At this point, Teresa and I are seriously second guessing our decision to do a Century Ride.  I've enjoyed riding this summer, cranking out 210 miles in August and 164 in July.  But being honest, I don't know how many more long rides I have left in me.  If the date for our Century Ride had been sooner, I think we would have both enthusiastically have already participated.  Now... {cue that deflating balloon noise again}.  I will definitely ride, as I don't want to waste my training.  But the distance?  Decisions.  Decisions. 

What would you tell me over coffee?

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