Monday, September 22, 2014

Team Waffle House

I have a new, dear friend who is as crazy obsessed dedicated to racing as me (hard to believe).  She too is a Half Fanatic.  We've been racing most Saturdays this summer if we can find one fairly close to home.  Recently, at an incredibly small 5k race, there was a female racer present who was apparently sponsored by a major sports food brand.  It was emblazoned on her running bra, visor, and shorts.  Impressive?  Absolutely!  [She won.]  Jealous?  Yes!!  Out of Place?  Ummmm, sorry, yes.

But, it got us to thinking...who could be our sponsor?  Whose name could we boldly stamp on our running bras?  [Note: neither of us would even think about running in just a bra!  Subject for another post!]  Who would deem us worthy of their brand?  The answer was immediate.  Waffle House.  Every small town in the south has one.  No Starbucks?  No Panera Bread?  No quaint local coffee shop?  No can always find a Waffle House.  It's a place to console yourself after a bad race or celebrate after a good one...and to definitely plan the next one.  Yes, we decided, we could wear those yellow blocks with pride!

So, we did our usual 5k this Saturday.  And, congratulations to Team WH for both placing on a very hilly course.  Of course, we stopped at Waffle House afterward to celebrate.  As we go our separate ways to race this coming weekend, good luck Sista on your race...and eat a Peanut Butter Waffle for me.  Go Team WH.

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