Friday, October 24, 2014

Fantasy in Lights Twilight 10k

I will be running the Fantasy in Lights Twilight 10k again next Saturday 11/1.  It was my first 10k and still remains one of my favorite routes of any distance.  It is the only race I've run with my sister and for that reason it holds a special place in my heart.  (She later found out she was running on a cracked kneecap.  Ouch.)  In general, I am not a fan of the 10k.  But, I did run a few more this year.  Still not a big fan.  I read somewhere, "A 10k hurts as much as a 5k but last twice as long".  BINGO.

This race is held inside Calloway Gardens in Pine Mountain, GA.  Simply Spectacular.  The premise of this race is that you run in the late afternoon through their holiday light show that is not yet open to the public.  Although it is far from dark or even dusk, you are running in deep shaded woods and you can surprisingly see the lights relatively well.  There are twelve scenes and each has its own music.  Some are animated.  One year the music was not working and I was so disappointed!

From Calloway Gardens Website

There are rolling hills throughout.  My Garmin has measured between 268 and 387 of uphill.  I assume the variation is due to running in the woods.  (?)  I always experience a "this is why I run moment" when I do a race here.  Its quiet (well except for the Christmas music), beautiful, serene, little to no traffic - you'll see more bikes than anything.  Their half marathon in January is also high on my list of favorites.  This is a "no frills" race.  It is managed and timed professionally, but there is not a big after party or any swag.  You will get adequate drinks and snacks.  In the past, they've given out long sleeve cotton T-shirts and have no sponsors.  (The back of the shirt is blank!  What?) 

From Calloway Gardens Website
So, even though it is not my favorite distance, I will definitely be running this one again for pure enjoyment of the scenery.  My family has attended the "real" Fantasy in Lights show a number of times over the years.  It's best to experience the lights riding in their open air Jolly Trolley.   This is a must-see if you live in the south...or even if you don't.


  1. This looks like a very cool race! I like the 10k distance. Sometimes its fun to just let go and run!


  2. What a cool event!! I love 10K's you can really push but they don't kill you lol I wish we had something like that here :) Enjoy!


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