Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Best Thing (Gracious)

The best thing about running I'm sure you'll agree
Is how we feel childlike, playful and free

The best thing about running this much is true
It will give you a boost if you're feeling blue

The best thing about running should be something great
Not blisters, not chafing, injuries, poor gait

The best thing about running are connections made here
The women, the support, the friendships all year

The best thing about running is that tingle you feel
From you head, through your heart, to the spring from your heel

The best thing about running we all can attest
Is the beating, the aliveness, that sits in your chest

The best thing about running is the way we can go
For a run anywhere, be it quick-paced or slow

The best thing about running might differ to some
But I'll always think it's still yet to come

It's time for Wednesday Word, "gracious" so says she
The only thing I'm thinking is the song from Jerry Lee

So I use my old friend Google and see it just means kind
Polite, courteous, well-mannered are others you will find

I strive to be gracious in everything it's true
But applying it to running is not an easy thing to do

Graciously I'll stop now, I've gone on way too long
But at least you didn't have to...hear this in a song

Come on fellow poets.   Keep it going.  Add a line!

Thanks to our wonderful hosts:

 Ericka @ MCM Mama Runs

I'm also linking up with Deb @ Deb Runs for the Wednesday Word.
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  1. Haha! Love it! Yes to all of the above. Thanks for linking up!

  2. Really not a poet, but glad you are! I definitely like that you can do it almost anywhere.

  3. Fun poem! You have a hidden talent ;)

  4. I'm reading this like Dr. Seuss. Yes to everything.

  5. Love this. You are so creative.

    The best thing about running is the places you'll go
    Expos, races, restaurants, sightseeing or visiting HoHo

  6. The best thing about running is meeting your partner in crime,
    We have a lot of fun even if we are past our prime! :)

  7. There you go Mrs Talented!!!
    Love this, very cute poem!!!!

  8. The best thing about running is being outside
    Through the cold and the heat we take it in stride :)

  9. I love to run, yes it is true,
    But today my foot hurt and what could I do?
    I begged and cried and went to the doc,
    Even tho I had patients and was on the clock.
    She lectured, she talked, yes she talked a lot,
    But I left her office after a steroid shot.
    I'm going to be good, I put my hand on my heart,
    But I'll line up at Sarasota, yep at the start.
    She laughed and I leaned in to hear her speak,
    You can run but you'll be back in a week...

  10. Yes to the women, the support and the friendship. Priceless! I have my own take on this tomorrow so fun to write

  11. Aw, this is so awesome!!! xxoo

  12. Love it! Great poem! Yes to all!

  13. What a CUTE poem!!! So creative!!!


  14. I always love your poems! You have quite the artistic flair!!!

  15. Your poem is adorable. I have no creative skills with words, so I am unable to add to your masterpiece. Have a great weekend.

  16. The best thing about running - if I have to chose one -
    Is starting the day by getting with the sun.

  17. I was tickled to see you'd written a poem for Wednesday Word. They're always so fun!

    Thanks for linking up!

  18. love it! the friendship made along the way are priceless!


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