Saturday, July 2, 2016

Coffee Talk (July)

Welcome to Coffee Talk!

It's a scorcher of a Saturday morning here in Dixie. 
Let's settle in a chat for a while.

Happy Independence Day!

Over Coffee... You'd hear how June was the craziest month.  Between beach travel, My First Sprint Triathlon, Father's Day travel, and weekend water skiing -- WHEW -- I'm pretty tired.  On purpose, my running miles were kept low (66).  I felt the need for a rest and recovery period before training began for the Chicago Marathon.  But, I did cycle in the month of June too (70 miles).  There was a good bit of swimming as well, albeit very amateurish (aka dog paddling).  I hope I wasn't too much of a slacker.

Over Coffee... I'd tell you how shopping for triathlon apparel gave me quite the sticker shock.  Thankfully, I really like my new affordable SLS3 Tri Shorts.  At first I purchased the basic black (with cute butterflies) but then felt like I needed more pizazz.  The Doodle Daisies pattern are certainly spunky.  The SLS3 shorts feel good on the bike, are comfortable on the run, and they work well in the pool!  In case you are wondering, the pad is very soft and not as thick or bulky as traditional cycling shorts.

Over Coffee... I'd ask if you knew about the new Running LED Light Belt from Level Up.  My green one literally just arrived.   The first thing I did was try my iPhone 6 (while still in it's thick Otter Box case).  It fit easily in the zippered pocket.  The second thing I did was try the lights.  There are three settings:  steady, flash fast, and flash slow.  Level Up is running a special introductory promotion this holiday weekend.  Use code FNYEHY9V at checkout to receive 55% off.  [Since I received this belt at no cost in exchange for an honest review, I will be doing a thorough test.  I just didn't want you to miss out on this fantastic discount.]

Aren't these candles cute?  I'll never burn them!

Over Coffee... I would suggest that you eat watermelon over the holiday weekend.  As country kids growing up with a huge garden, we were were taught that watermelon flavor peaked right around July 4th.  I still believe that!   My sweet Dad passed away 26 years ago on July 4th. {He went out with a bang -- and would have adored that joke.}  The last time I saw him, we had a watermelon seed spitting contest in that same country yard.  I think I'll eat a slice in his honor...and spit a few seeds.

Have a wonderful July 4th Holiday!  How will you celebrate?

What would you tell me over coffee?

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  1. You did have one busy June! I love your tri shorts - I always opt for basic black but have been trying to add more color to brighten things up. Have a great weekend!

  2. Those shorts are cute! Think I'll be shopping this morning!

    No waterskiing after all. My oldest son "has" to work aka he doesn't want to go out of town with us. So I have to stay home with him. Crap!

  3. Tri gear can be so expensive!! I have a pair of those butterfly shorts and yes they were comfy but the butterflies started to peel off after 2 washes. hmmm Yes to watermelon! Thanks for joining us for coffee!

  4. Yes to watermelon! When you run, bike and swim -- and water ski, it's hard to log a lot of miles on any one but you sure are active.

  5. Those shorts are cute! I have one of the running belts coming too, I can't wait to see what you think. My son loves watermelon, so I have to beat him to it or I don't get any, lol.

  6. I had my lowest month of running and I'm not injured - just not motivated.

    One of the reasons I hate to bike is that my butt hurts. And no I don't want to buy any more fitness apparel.

    Happy 4th!

  7. I like the nice memories you have of your dad :)
    Congrats on the first tri! Workout clothes are always so expensive, aren't they?? Enjoy your watermelon and Happy 4th!

  8. I will run my race in the morning on the 4th with my friends -- it was my grandfather's birthday, but he's been gone many years, my husband never even met him.

    I'm not a huge watermelon fan, but I can do damage to cantaloupe & honeydew!

    Otherwise the rest of the day will be low key. I think we're just doing hot dogs for dinner. Maybe I'll make a dessert, then again, I baked cookies today so may be not!

  9. Ohhh I have been SO behind on my blog reading!!! I will have to go back and look for your tri race report! Triathlon clothing is crazy expensive. The entire sport in general in pricey if you really get into it. Those shorts are super cute! That running belt is genius. I may have to get one of those! Enjoy your 4th of July and your watermelon! :)

  10. That LED light belt looks awesome--yay for safety at night! Those watermelon candles are adorable! :D

  11. You are right, you cannot have the July 4th weekend without a little watermelon and seed spitting, it's unamerican! I hope you have a great weekend!

  12. Sounds like you've been busy, and in a good way! Love those lighted belts!

  13. The Fourth is a US holiday, so I am not celebrating, though I love all the pictures of friends, family, BBQs and lakes. The fourth symbolizes summer for me and it is one of the holidays I miss. Enjoy !

  14. Your cycle shorts are so cute and yes you needed something more colorful than black! That's how we roll! I had fruit this holiday weekend, unfortunately it was in beachy drinks! :)


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