Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Marathon Involvement

It's marathon week!
And by now, you should all know what that means.


After falling in the last one
I had a random thought
Could I do another
To get The Race I sought

Would Disney be the right choice
I've raced there thrice before
Maybe familiar involvement
Perhaps would give me more

After a few weeks rest
I went right back to training
More running days this time
Endurance I should be gaining

A few half marathons
And other distances I ran
A girls beach weekend
All involvements in the plan

What will happen this time
I guess I soon shall see
There's always a surprise
But please, not injury

Mother Nature I beg of you
No humidity on this day
And make in the 50s
A perfect day to play

Things I can't control
I will have to put aside
Concentrate on feeling joy
An easy comfy stride

Each step I will appreciate
My involvement must be fun
If that does not happen
There should be no long runs

I'm linking with the lovely Deb from Deb Runs for Wednesday Word.

Please visit Deb and the other participating bloggers.  It's fun!


  1. May you be blessed with fast feet and cool temps (for a cool lady). I love your poems, Holly! You should be published (or maybe make an ebook? -- ooooh, that would be really cool!).

    1. Thanks, Judy! I figured my typical skirt and take would be perfect for the race. But, the weather is looking much colder! Now I'm scrambling around about what to wear.

  2. I hope you have a great day for running on Sunday! Hey, I should have asked you earlier but are you going to the Cigna Blogger event at disney? We were invited but are obviously not going because we are not running the marathon this year. I should have passed the invite on to you.

    1. Thanks! No, I didn't get an invite to the Cigna event. I'm not arriving until Saturday anyway so it probably wouldn't have worked out for me.

  3. I hope the weather gods answer your prayers! It's bitterly cold here again, so maybe that will come south for your race. I think you're going to surprise yourself!

    1. It looks like it will be around 40 on race morning, plus stiff wind. Now I've got to rethink my attire. Oh goody...something else to obsess over. LOL.

  4. Replies
    1. Thank you very much! I plan to channel all the wonderful support from this running community.

  5. I sent Mom Nature my good-weather request for you so that should be all set. Have a great race! xoxo

    1. You've been so good at controlling the weather at my other I'll just leave you to it. You and MN have a great connection apparently.

  6. You should not worry as you do,
    Everything is sent in it's place
    Training has gone great
    Afterall, this will be YOUR race !
    Ha. Don't even ask how long it took me to do that! I'm sure it's easy for you!

    1. This is great!!

      It makes it extra special
      When readers add their lines
      I feel the support and the love
      The poems no longer just mine!

  7. Hooray! You're off to Disney!
    May your feet dutifully keep pace;
    Enjoy the day, the magic, the excitement...
    And above all else, do have a great race ;-)

    1. I love it!

      Thanks my friend for adding
      Those lines that I find dear
      Race day will find me channeling
      The support I've found right here!

  8. So off to Disney you go
    Perfect place for HoHo

    You'll run long and far
    And be the rockstar you are

    Hope you have a #holotta fun
    When all is said and done

    Wouldn't you know it
    I'm not quite the poet :(

    1. Another poet!

      Thanks for playing along, Darlene
      You've really made my day
      I hope we can run together again
      It's fun to race and play!

  9. Fantastic!

    Here's to smiling as you cross the finish line!

  10. I just love to channel Dr. Seuss! Thank you for the sweet words.

  11. Yay, for another HoHo poem! Good luck this weekend! Here's hoping the weather gods are good to you and the pavement in smooth and seam free. Can't wait to read your recap!

    Thanks for linking up, Holly!

    1. The weather is shaping up to be quite nippy, which is a good thing. Thanks for the well wishes!

  12. The training is done, no time to worry! Just get out there and have some fun!

    1. If I could only figure out that not worrying part...


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