Wednesday, March 1, 2017

HoHo Be Nimble

When I saw today's word of course I gave thought
To old Jack Be Nimble...jumping fire's what he sought.

Hey, what on earth would make someone prove
That fire on their bum would be a good move?

The yogis out there can certainly relate
Nimble is required to get those moves straight.

But what can I say about nimble today?
Do I think I am graceful?  Ha!  Noooo way.

Remember I fell, in Chicago no less.
That proves my graceful hot mess.

I waterski, I cycle, I love to run too.
But nimble is not a word I would choose.

Do I think am I quick or light on my feet?
No to those two, but I do still compete.

Nimble can also be applied to the mind.
The way you respond, sharp witted or kind.

Nimble can mean how quickly you adapt
To struggles, to injuries -- Yep, I've done that!

HoHo be nimble, HoHo be quick
Get back to your running and quit writing shtick.

OK my friends, just keep it going!  
Your own lines I hope we will soon be knowing.

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  1. Haha! This is the best thing I've read all morning!

    1. We all need some silly in each and every day.
      Laughter's still the remedy to keep those blues away.

  2. HoHo, my friend,
    You are humble and kind.
    It's almost as if
    we speak of the same mind!

    1. Yes, Kimberly I would agree
      We need to meet up so that we can see!

  3. HoHo, we are one and the same
    Sometimes during a race, our legs go lame

    At least when injured, you get on your bike,
    I, on the other hand, would rather hike.

    Looking forward to aother weekend for a #holottafun
    Hoping that our girls race-cation tradition will not end as one.

    As you can see, your skills as a poet far exceed mine
    So I'll quit now in order to sip on my Frappuccino so fine.

    1. You get me Darlene! I love that you play.
      We need to share Starbucks on a very soon day!
      HoLottaFun will not end as one.
      When my running's on par I'll plan all the fun!

  4. I'm sorry, I am just not a poet (but I admire all of you that are). But apparently we were sort of going in the same direction. :) I like your take on it better.

    1. I don't consider myself a poet either. LOL. If you notice, all of my poems sound like I've stolen them from a Dr. Seuss book.

  5. Ha! This is hilarious. Nice poem!!

  6. Oh Hoho I love this post.
    Yes I do, I love it the most.
    I enjoy reading how you ski, run, and bike.
    We both enjoy Disney, so we re somewhat alike!

    (I tried)! -M

    1. Meranda, this is great! And, I would agree
      There's nothing better than some fun at Dis-ney!

  7. That should say "we are somewhat alike". My "A" key sticks!

  8. I was hoping to a poem from you today! Nimble just seemed like the perfect word for a HoHo poem. It's too late and I'm way too tired to reply in poem form, but I'm impressed with the poetic effort put forth in the previous comments!

    Thanks for linking up, Holly!

    1. Ha! I immediately thought of a poem when I saw the word.

  9. You are a poet and you didn't even know it! Or maybe you did. I love this!

    1. I wouldn't consider this poetry. LOL.

      Rhyming words comes easy. It's almost like a song.
      Something plays in my head... All the day long.

  10. I'm rolling on the floor because I can't add anymore!
    I so suck at this! But hey I'm with you I'm glad you are back to running!

    1. Rolling on the floor? You don't give a care!
      If I went and did that, I'd be covered in dog hair.


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