Sunday, May 27, 2018

It's Almost Time (WW # 147)

It's almost time.  Will I feel scared?
What if high altitude wrecks my head;
My heart and lungs, my pacing too?
It's time to find out.  Here's what I'll do
I'll slow it down until I find
The rhythm, the breathing that feels most kind
I've got to remember to take it slow
Twenty six miles is a long way to go.

To Teresa I'm grateful, it is true.
A friend as crazy as me to do
A marathon that loses 5,000 feet
By shuttling us up to a mountain peak.

How will I perform with a route so steep?
One step at a time; light steps I'll keep.
Lean forward, remember to keep short strides
Just use the gravity as my guide.

The air I hope will be blessedly dry
No humidity, no muck -- on that I'll be high
I pray my body will hold up well.
But honestly friends...only time will tell.

No matter the outcome of this day
I'll appreciate foremost the ability to play.
The stunning course, the Rockies grand
The beauty of those canyon lands.

Wendy and I host this linkup for
the sole purpose of supporting active women.

Keep the poem going.  You can play!
What's on your mind?  Please do say!
Don't be bashful, it's of no use
'Cause we all can channel some Dr. Seuss!

And that's a wrap!


  1. I hope it's an amazing race! Good luck!

  2. Your words, so eloquent; your prose, poetic.
    My attempt to rhyme might get pathetic.
    My fingers are crossed that Colorado is kind,
    and beautiful (which it will be of course).
    I hope the downhills treat your quads well,
    and humidity is not your sweat's source.
    Have fun with your friend,
    The one as crazy as you.
    Start up high with the birds,
    And run down like the wind, you two. :)

    1. Awww...thanks for playing!

      You are too kind with your sweet words,
      Hopefully we'll fly just like the birds.

  3. You're a poet! Hope you know it. That's the best I can do! :)

  4. I'm afraid poetry makes my head hurt. :)

    I hope you two have an amazing race (and that scenery will definitely be amazing) and I can't wait to hear all about it!

  5. With the help of gravity and a friend by your side,
    I'm sure you'll be able to hit your stride.
    The altitude may slow you down,
    But with gorgeous scenery, that's no reason to frown.
    Enjoy the course, enjoy the views,
    and when you finish, enjoy some brews.


    1. Ha! Love it!

      A brew will be tasty once my running is done
      Especially if the race is warm from the sun.

  6. You 2 are going to have quite an adventure! Can't wait to hear all about it. Have a fantastic time

    1. Thanks, Deborah. We are looking forward to it!

  7. Good luck! If you need a place to recover, my community has a pool! :)

    1. Thanks, Lesley. I know you live in CO, but are you actually near this race course?

    2. I live in northern Arvada, and I don't think it's close to the course. I'll be in Boulder that morning for a running group meet up.

    3. The race ends in Morrison. Send me a direct message if that is convenient to Boulder and if you are available for coffee later that day. We'll be tied up until after lunch. LOL.

  8. Sorry I'm no poet, but I wish you the best of luck!

  9. Holly, Dear Holly
    I know you'll do great!
    You've trained like a pro,
    you're not tempting Fate.

    Take a deep breath
    (or several if need be),
    Have faith in your training
    and don't worry about speed.

    Enjoy the beautiful sights
    and ride that mountain with flair
    Let the gravity carry you
    and the wind blow your hair.

    I'll send you some good wishes
    (and maybe a prayer or two).
    Spank that finish line, Holly,
    if it's the last thing you do ;-)

    1. WHOOT! I love it when others play along. Very nicely done!

      Thank you Dear Kim a prayer will be sweet
      I need all the help I can get with my feet
      Speaking of hair, it's now a sad bob
      Barely a I won't sob
      If the wind blows, where will I feel?
      Under my InkNBurn skirt is the deal.

    2. It's all downhill from here says my friend Holly
      But take it easy to protect both of your knees
      Your feet will be fine in your well cushioned shoes
      They'll protect you quite well on your way to BQ
      The sky will be blue and the humidity low
      You'll fly like the wind with only 26 to go.
      I send you my best, altho you'll do just fine
      I can't wait to hear when you cross that finish line!

    3. Thanks for playing along, my friend!

      A BQ at altitude would be oh so tough
      But I'd like a decent PR, that's true enough
      Thanks for your kind words, your love, your support
      With Lagunitas at the end, could you teleport?

  10. Have so much fun,
    I know that you will
    Forget about mountain air
    Making you ill
    Remember in this case
    Gravity's your friend
    You'll fly down that mountain
    To a glorious end!

    Just visualize success

    1. Another player, LOVE IT!

      Thank you Marcia, I'll do my best
      To mentally see a huge success
      Hydration, hydration, they say I should drink
      So the loss of air won't cause me to sink

  11. How exciting for the two of you
    It's nice to have a friend with you to enjoy the view

    Think of all the fun memories you will make
    After 26 miles you'll deserve some cake

    Good luck to you my blogger friend
    I' know you'll do great right through to the end.

    1. Awesome!

      Thanks for the wishes; your words are too kind
      With Teresa beside me I believe we will find
      A beautiful course, mountains, and more
      No matter the outcome, fun memories galore.

  12. Replies
    1. Thanks! I am so looking forward to that mountain air after the humidity funk we have been in for weeks now.

  13. Yay for race day!
    It is time for some play!

    You will do great
    especially running with a good mate!

    I have a feeling you will do awesome
    better than a possum!

    Best of luck Holly!
    I'm hoping the finish will be jolly! :)

    1. Ha! Very cute.

      Last time I saw deer along the way
      But no possums to chase on that day
      If something was chasing me I'd be fast
      But if I was caught, I'd be dead last!

  14. Replies
    1. Thanks Lisa. I hope everything comes together for a great race.

  15. I'm not good at rhyming so I'm just gonna commend you on a poem well written and wish you good luck!

  16. Love the poem (and the ones in the comments too!) So many talented poets around here! I, on the other hand, will just say (without rhyming) have a great race, have fun, and I hope you've done your downhill training because that stuff is hard on your body!

    1. I've down a few downhill half marathons so I know what I'm getting into. LOL. I did incorporate downhill training...I hope it was enough!

  17. I love your poem! You're so talented! Have a great race!

  18. Ok. I cannot handle this today! LOL Your poem is awesome and so are so many of the comments. A poet I'm not, so I'm going to just leave a boring old comment. I hope you and Teresa have a fantastic race!!

    1. I appreciate the well wishes! Fingers crossed everything comes together for both of us!

  19. I'm not a poet (I am a writer, but I am off this weekend and my boss said not to even think about work), but I hope the race goes well for you. There's so much joy in just making it to the starting like knowing you did your best in training and being content with whatever happens.

    1. Thanks! My goal is to finish strong, hopefully I've done enough.

  20. That is so awesome!

    And when you are done, you will look back and say,
    "What was I thinking? I must have been cray!"
    But then you will hold that glorious medal
    with such pride for finishing a race so incredible!

    1. I LOVE IT!

      Medals are nice! I hear they're giant sized.
      For a feat such as this, I am not surprised.
      But truly my reward will be this fact
      I gave it my all...I held nothing back.

  21. I love this! Hope you have a wonderful race.

    1. Thank you so much! Fingers crossed. And toes.

  22. Well, that’s it? What’s at the end?
    Of those miles upon miles upon miles, my friend?
    I sure hope there’s a pile of doughnuts.
    Without refilling those burnt calories, one is sure to go nuts! 😉

    1. So many great poets around here! Thanks for playing.

      Should I eat a donut for each and every mile?
      That's 26 pastries. It would be quite the pile.
      Chocolate, vanilla, and peanut butter too
      One things for certain, they'd taste better than GU.

  23. This is incredible! I love your lyrical stylings! Good luck! You're going to have an amazing race!

    1. Thanks. I need all the good luck I can get. ;)

  24. I'm so impressed with your poem and everyone who is playing along! Good luck on your race - I hope it is amazing!

    1. I appreciate your kind words and well wishes.

  25. I have zero poetic talents! You are talented lady!

    1. Awww....shucks. I think my Mom read Green Eggs and Ham too many times to me.

  26. You are going to do awesome! Take what the days gives you and that will be that ;)

    1. Great (and calming) words of wisdom. Thanks!

  27. Love the poem! I'm not talented in that area! Have a great race!

    1. Thanks! I bet you are more talented than you give yourself credit!

  28. I'm worried about the high altitude as well, but I'm just going to go with the flow and hydrate like a boss. I have no grandiose plans for my race, and look forward to enjoying the scenery and taking lots of pictures. I hope you have a blast! We can compare notes next weekend.

    As always, thanks for the linkup!

    1. I'll be doing extra hydrating myself. I definitely intend to enjoy the scenery. I still think this is the most scenic half (of getting close to 60 now) that I've ever run. Good luck to you!

  29. I love your poems! I'm hoping you have a stellar race!

  30. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm very excited to get there and do this thing!

  31. Oh, I love your poem, but my brain is so tired.
    I'm not sure I can rhyme, but it's down to the wire!
    With the wind at your back and the hills at your feet,
    I'm sure this race will be quite a treat.

    Good luck on your race, you've put in the time,
    so onward you go, on this challenge to climb.
    You'll have so much fun, no matter the end.
    Whatever the outcome, you'll be with your friend.

    Love your poem! Ha! Good luck at your race!

    1. I love your effort; your rhymes are true
      My race was a struggle but I cannot be blue
      The scenery was stunning, the mountain air fresh
      And sharing with a friend was the best thing, I'd guess.


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