Sunday, January 27, 2019

Randoms (WW # 182)

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The sweat...

After returning from Mobile, I took a week off.   And by off, I mean nothing. My lack of activity, along with a nasty cold, left me feeling sluggish.  I was in desperate need of cardio this week.  Since I wanted to give my piriformis more rest, I hopped on my bike trainer a few days.  I logged a total of 32.75 miles over three evening rides.  It felt good to sweat out the remnants of my cold while catching up on favorite TV shows.  

Cycling between the boxes...

Saturday, I laced up for a run and I found my piriformis issue still lingers.  No better.  No worse.  Obviously, it isn't debilitating but it's very frustrating nonetheless.  Since I don't feel it until I run, I get fooled into believing it's gone.  I ran 5.3 steady miles.   Sunday I opted for another easy run.  This time I ran 6 miles for a weekly total of 11.3.  Both runs were slow but also mostly progressively paced.

Some reflection...

As my time in this neighborhood comes to an end, I've been thinking what a lucky runner I was to live here.  Inside a small and secluded subdivision, the quiet streets were a runner's dream.  Even the hills came in handy.  The adjacent city park was a great place for interval training.  It was also the perfect place to find shade for those last few miles of a long training run on a hot, sunny day.

I look forward to exploring my new running routes.  The roads will be heavily wooded and very rural.   It will be an adjustment.  For example, I'll now be required to run with illumination; something I previously could skip on an early morning run.  And pepper spray.  Not that pepper spray will deter a bear.  Or cougars.  OR BIG FOOT.  

This happened...

I have zero expectations of being selected to run the NYC marathon.  But after not getting in for several years, I felt the need to try one more time.  I'm not getting any younger here.  Being chosen would definitely be a kick in my lack-of-motivation pants.  It would also be a great excuse to visit NYC again.  It's been more than ten years.  Stay tuned.

I tried this...

Grocery shopping is such a chore for me.  Since our kids have flown the coop, I don't cook much any more.  Wandering aimlessly around the grocery store trying to think of what to buy is exhausting.  This week, I tried Walmart's Grocery service.  I pass by on my way home every day anyway.  Loved it!  [And it's no secret that I'm NOT a fan of Walmart.]  It took mere minutes to pick up my order.  I never left my car and it was raining heavily.  The employees were super nice as well, unlike the last time I was inside the store.  I downloaded the app and can just put items in my cart when I think of them.  Why did it take me so long to do this?  Oh wait, did I mention --  it's FREE.

One final note...

In the coming weeks, we'll be busy moving into our new home and settling into a new routine. I may not even have internet connection for a while.   I've lined up a few guests hosts just in case.  Please make them feel welcomed.

And that's a wrap!

Tell me something random from your week!


  1. I loathe grocery shopping too! but I have yet to to take the plunge and use a service. This morning, Whole Foods was playing Ozzie Osborne. That was a first!

    Glad to see you back on the road!

  2. Ooh look, I'm first after Wendy! Glad you shifted the cold, sorry about the piriformis. My glute has been loads better after doing a lot of squats during the week, so that's encouraging me to continue with those. Good luck for the move!

  3. Have fun exploring the new routes in your new setting! That sounds exciting to me ;-) I am also having a tough time with groceries and cooking with a (mostly) empty house (the youngest comes home most weekends since they do not have class on Fridays at her school). I am not a fan of Walmart either....but they do have good deals on toilet paper LOL

  4. Hmmm...random? Well, I did see a guy driving down the road and drinking out of one of those little airline alcohol bottles. That was pretty random.

    I'll cross my fingers for you regarding NY! When is the lottery draw?

    I hope your moving process goes smoothly, you get internet quickly, and you have the best time finding new running routes! There's definitely a lot that's stressful about moving but there's so much excitement, too. I hope you find the excitement!! <3

  5. Sorry to hear about your piriformis issue :( Luckily it hasn't gotten any worse since your race but I hope that it starts to feel better soon.

    I've heard good things about the Walmart grocery pick up. I think it's wonderful that they have that as an option!

    Good luck with the NYC Marathon lottery and with your upcoming move - so excited for you!

  6. I also hate going to the grocery store! It just seems like such a waste of time...Glad you enjoyed the new service!

    Finger crossed for you for NYC!

  7. Good luck with the move and can't wait to see those new mailbox pics of the new neighborhood. Hope that piraformis gets some healing too.

  8. Good luck with your move & the NYC lottery Obviously Darlene would be over the moon if you & Teresa made it in.

    I don't like grocery shopping, but I still do like to cook (even though it's just the two of us), so I shop often because those bananas are always getting too ripe -- even up here!

    My legs have mostly been feeling pretty good. I'm not sitting on balls anymore. :)

  9. So sorry your pain in the a$$ is being such a pain in the a$$. Maybe you can leave it behind when you move? ;-) I moved away from a great running neighborhood to a mediocre running neighborhood but figured out good places to run. -- I'm sure you will find great scenery around your new place.

    I've tried grocery pick-up but usually forget something and have to go inside anyway.

  10. will there still be mailbox pics? LOL

    I'm looking forward to see your new running routes.

    And I so SO EXCITED about NYC. Fingers crossed.

  11. I actually love to grocery shop - especially in foreign countries. It's a weird cultural experience to do when traveling. Good luck with the move! Exploring new running routes is the best.

  12. Good luck with your move! I hope you love your new hood and find lots of fun running routes. I hope your piriformis heals soon. I certainly understand how frustrated you must be.

    Thanks for the linkup!

  13. Best of luck on your move! Bear country? Maybe you need to take a bell along too!

  14. I hope your piriformis gets its act together soon. Good luck with the move! Whenever we move again, good running routes straight out my door will be a top priority. I'm sure your new place will be great...bears and all! :)

  15. I hate to grocery shop too! I don't know why I haven't tried one of these services yet - need to get on that!

    Sorry you're still dealing with the piriformis issues - BTDT and so not fun! I hope yours heals quickly.

    Best of luck with your move!!

  16. I can imagine how bittersweet leaving your old home and running routes is. Sending all the NYCM vibes for you and Teresa! That's be SO awesome! Piriformis takes a loooong time to heal. Just be careful with it.

  17. On to new adventures! You must be excited but obviously have mixed feelings about it. Your old neighborhood does sound like a runner's dream! And, I'm with you on not being a fan of WalMart. I still have little ones in the house so I'll be frantically running though the aisles, trying to get everything done, for a few more years :-) Good luck with the move and the NYC lottery!

  18. It's hard to take a whole week off but so important to build those rest periods into the year. I hope you get into NYC!! It's so much fun!

  19. I definitely hope your priformis starts falling into line and feeling better!

    While it would be nice to have some land (I would love a small hobby farm), i love living in a subdivision (and near other subdivisions) because I have so many lit, sidewalked running paths. It's absolutely fabulous for that.

    I am looking forward to reading about your new routes. And praying you meet neither cougars nor Bigfoot!

  20. Good luck with the NYC lottery! That Walmart grocery service sounds like a great idea and definitely much more convenient.

  21. I think it's very ok to have a rest especially when you are not 100%! you also have a lot on your plate. moving is a huge stressor!!

    I hope you get into NYC! I am still considering it but it would be tough for me to fly to Chicago and then fly to New York not long after ($$$$$$). Also I am looking at doing a Half Marathon in Iceland in August... just an idea but that's kind of expensive too. We'll see!

    i hate grocery shopping!! my husband does the bulk of it.

    By the way, your piriformis - have you seen a PT for it? it's a very irritating "injury" !!!

  22. About deterring bears...bear spray actually is pepper spray! But human pepper spray won't work very well on bears and vice versa (it's about the spray pattern, apparently). I dunno about Bigfoot though...he might require BOTH sprays?!

    I actually enjoy grocery shopping...most of the time. A pickup service would be a nice option though!

  23. Beside Bigfoot, maybe some deer, wild turkey, and squirrels!! (Not skunks, possum or raccoons.) Crossing my fingers for you with NY. Good luck with your move. Piriformus pain takes a while to relax and go away... at least mine did!

  24. i dont actually mind grocery shopping - especially when it's just me and no kids! it's almost luxurious to walk the aisles and look at food by myself :)


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