Friday, October 10, 2014

Half Marathon #25 and #14 for 2014

Sunday, I am running my 25th lifetime half marathon.  I've run in races with 23,000 runners and in races with 23 runners (you think I'm kidding?).  I've run in the mountains, on the coast, in the woods, in big cities, and in the middle of nowhere.  This will also mark half marathon #14 for 2014, which was the goal I set for myself this year.  I just checked the weather report again: Warm, Humid, Foggy, No Breeze.  Oh, joy.

I cannot control the weather.  But, here are a few things I can control:  Hydration, Fuel, Rest, and my ATTITUDE.  Nope, this will probably not be my ideal race or a PR race (my pace suffers in the heat & humidity) but I WILL enjoy it.  Yes. I. Will.  I will also give it everything I've got.  Who knows, maybe the running fairy will finally grant me my wish to sub 2 in the heat.  Please.....fairy.

Gosh darn, I will have run 14 halfs already this year.  WHOOP-WHOOP.  That is something to truly celebrate.  As I clock through the miles, I intend to remember each and every one... the triumphs, the challenges, the courses, the weather, the cramps, the travel, the family, the friends, the fun, the aches and pains, and even the oddities {I notice the strangest things at races!  I hope someone has picked up the dirty Q-Tip on 2nd Avenue in Nashville}. 

Did I set any PRs this year?  Yes.  Did I post some of the worst times ever?  Oh, Yes.  Did I win an age group award?  Yes.  Did I get rained on?  Yes.  Did I run in frigid temps?  Yes.  Did I suffer from the heat?  Oh, Yes.  Did I cramp all the way up to my rear end?  Ummm, Yes.  Is there a race I wish I had absolutely not run?  NO!  Because even the bad or most humbling ones have something to teach me.

This weekend, I will be on the beautiful emerald panhandle coast of Florida for this milestone race.  That's reason enough to enjoy and celebrate.  A long weekend at the beach...beautiful sandy white beaches, great food, a visit to Margaritaville (afterwards of course to celebrate), a highly competitive game or two of putt-putt with the family, AND I get to run my 2014 goal half marathon.  It just doesn't get any better than that!


  1. I agree. I have never regretted a race even in the worst conditions.


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