Sunday, September 9, 2018

That Stings! (WW # 162 )

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Just a spray from last weekend ...

The week began with the Labor Day holiday.  Par-tay!  I was hoping for a second day of water skiing.  But, after being stung 7 times by yellow jackets Monday morning...that didn't happen [cue deflating balloon noise].  I learned from Dr. Google that yellow jackets can both bite and sting.  And unlike a bee that stings only once, they sting multiple times.  I wasn't worried about an allergic reaction.  After all,  I grew up in the country and have been stung by everything imaginable.
Evil creatures!

However, those sting locations were on fire; the worst two being behind one knee and on top of the other.  If you are curious, I had on long sleeves and pants to avoid mosquito bites while working in the yard.  I was stung through my clothes.  I'm sure I looked quite comical: running toward the back yard, slapping at myself to kill the attached evil buggers, and trying to peel out of my sweaty clothes all at the same time.  Anyhoo, I did not sleep well for a couple of nights and did not run until Thursday morning.   After taking last week off from running, this was just an easy and slow 4.5 miles.

I returned to the streets Saturday morning where I pushed the mileage to 6.1.  This run was one of the hottest I've done all summer.  Why yes...I know I say that all the time.  But I swear, it was.  I swear. Kidding aside, I am happy not be training right now and will do nothing but easy base building runs for the next few weeks.

As seen on my ride...are you kidding?

I did two of my typical pre-hab sessions this week and went for a 21 mile bike ride for cross training Sunday morning..  It was so August Hot, I just couldn't believe I was seeing Halloween decorations already. 

At least I can report the week ended better than it started! 

And that's a wrap!

When is the last time you were stung?  By what?

Are you training, base building or just maintaining?

Any cyclists out there?  What's your favorite distance to ride?


  1. Oh no, yellow jacket stings are awful and I'm so sorry you were stung! I stepped on a rock with a yellow jacket nest under it when I was in first grade and got stung all over my body. My mom freaked out and took me to the doctor because my brother was highly allergic to stings and at the time I'd never been stung before. Anyway, he was with me and didn't get stung and I had no allergic reaction. I guess you'd call that a win/win.

    Thanks for the linkup!

  2. I'm not sure which is scarier - the stings or the Halloween decorations! At least the stings are gone now? ;-) I don't mean to make like of them - they sound horrible. Our weather went from oppressively hot and humid to almost-cold and rainy. Neither is great for playing outside!

  3. Oh wow. I feel you on the yellow jackets. Back when I was very preggo with Thing 2 I was gardening and upset their nest. Those suckers chased me and got under my hair and down the back of my shirt, stinging the back of my neck repeatedly. Mucho no bueno. They might be the worst part of the end of summer. I'm purportedly training for a marathon but that's not really happening.

  4. I think it was a yellow jacket that stung me (and hung on for dear life) a few years ago at a half marathon. When I stopped by the medic tent, after finishing, they told me several other runners had also been stung as well. Holy OUCH. Thankfully, I didn't have any reactions (because I'm allergic to practically any and every thing outside my house.

  5. Oh no! Unfortunately I do know they can sting multiple times (but didn't know about the biting) because I was attacked at our mailbox over a couple of days, multiple times, before realizing they'd built a nest on it.

    You should always worry about an allergic reaction -- it can happen at any time, and is more likely the more you are stung.

    I'm so sorry -- those suckers hurt big time!

    Training for a half at the end of the month.

  6. Oh man! Sorry about your encounter with the stingers. I was bite by a horsefly this summer while out running and ended up with an enormous bruise and fang marks on my leg. Lovely. This week I (sort of) started training for my fall races, but it officially starts next week.

  7. Ouch! I think I told you I was stung in the leg that day WHILE I WAS RUNNING. Those bugs are the devil. Glad you're not allergic.

    Enjoy your time on the water!

  8. Oh no! I had a phase of getting stung by horseflies, one after the other, and when I got a new bite, the old ones flared up! I have been free of them (though still scarred for the time being) for a few weeks now, thank goodness.

    But Halloween decorations? What?

  9. Oh my God! I can't believe that you were stung through your clothing - that's nuts! I've never been stung by a bee, but mosquitos really love me for some reason unfortunately.

    Ugh, I can't believe that house with the Halloween decorations. Kids just went back to school! It's way too early to start decorating for Halloween.

  10. Seven times?! That sounds miserable! I haven't been stung in since high school, but that time I was stung in the foot. Absolutely terrible experience. Glad your week ended better than it started!

  11. Oh man! It's been a while since I've been stung and I'm pretty thankful for that! (knocking on wood over here!) I have, over the past week, been eaten alive by stupid mosquitos though. This humidity is killing me and I've got to spend all the time outside making sure Rigby goes potty before he comes back in. #thestruggleisreal I cannot believe you were stung 7 times! My husband, a few years ago, mowed over a ground hornets nest and they got him quite a few times. He said he felt like he was literally vibrating from all the adrenaline.

    I'm so glad your week ended better than it started. Things are looking up!

  12. I was stung by a yellow jacket last year, and I was worried about allergies. That was only my second time stung, and I gladly found out I'm not allergic. I did learn to apply vinegar to those stings because it will neutralize the venom. I was wearing a light jacket and got stung on my upper arm, and it hurt!

  13. Wow, I didn't realize that bees could sting through clothes. Good thing you are not allergic. I'm actually really allergic to bees and have to carry an Epi pen. Glad your week ended better than it started.

  14. That's crazy that you got stung that much and through your clothes! I dont think I've been stung since I was a kid. It's still been really hot here but this weekend we had some cooler weather and tons of rain. I think the heat will be back soon. Glad the week ended well!

  15. I've only been stung once and that's when I learned I was allergic. Of course, we were hiking and miles from the car. Thankfully, it was a slow reaction and I was able to get to an ER before my throat totally closed up. Very scary! Our temps and humidity dropped on Friday and it's been amazing...for running at least!

  16. I am deathly afraid of bugs of any kind really so I try to avoid being stung. As in I run like a bat outta hell if I see anything remotely resembling a flying insect coming towards me. But it sucks that you were stung 7 times! I'm sure that wasn't fun!

    Currently training, and I've noticed its started to get a "little" cooler in the mornings. Not by much and maybe its just wishful thinking but today's long run wasn't as bad as the past few in terms of heat. However, its never too early to decorate for Halloween! :-)

  17. Ouch!! I can't remember the last time I was seeing by anything. You're a warrior! I'm not training for anything right now, but I am trying to regain my fitness after giving birth.

  18. That sting sounds terrible. I've had bad allergic reactions to mosquitoes were I get a lot of swelling and redness, once it even happened on my face!

  19. Ah, yikes! Sorry to hear you got stung 7 times! Wow, that is early for Halloween decorations lol.

  20. Stung 7 times! That sounds horrible. I'm glad you're ok and the week ended better :)

  21. I'm sorry to hear about those stings, that sounds absolutely awful! I actually went to a honey festival over the weekend and had some close contact with honeybees but they did NOT sting me thank goodness!

    Still not doing much running these days, just a little here and there while I keep on with my PF PT. I'd love to get back in base building mode, maybe by the end of the year??

  22. Ugh! Yellow jackets are MEAN! I'm glad you're ok.

    I got bitten by yellow flies on a couple of occasions this summer. One of the bites was no biggie, but the other? Well, the side of my knee swelled up, I had a fever, and it HURT. I couldn't sleep for two night and I was actually limping from it. No bueno.

    Glad your week ended better than it began!

  23. Ahhh that’s terrible!!! But I’m so glad you didn’t have a severe reaction. Devilish little bugs... I was stung by a bee on my toe years ago (when I worked at a stable) and my foot swelled so bad I struggled to get my riding boot back on. Hope the pain is easing up for you!

    I’m still riding the injury recovery train. I like 10 miles for my short bike ride, 20 for my long one. It takes about 1 hour for me to hit 20... but that’s on my little indoor bike thing. I’m a newbie biker.

  24. Nasty, nasty creatures, those yellow jackets. Sorry you got stung so many times!! We had a wasp in our house yesterday and I stalked that jerk with my bug zapper (it looks like a tennis racket) for an hour, but when I finally made contact and it popped and sizzled, I was quite satisfied.

  25. I am absolutely terrified of bees! I have never been stung - I can't even imagine being stung as many time as you were...and through your clothes?! Those suckers sound mean!

    It's just too early for Halloween decorations - just no LOL!

  26. oh my, those yellow jacket stings sound awful! I'm glad you're okay and back to running..yikes!

  27. Eek, yellow jackets are horrible!!! Glad you're okay! As for cycling, my husband and I biked the Great Alleghany Passage this summer for a total of 321 miles, (round trip plus extra biking in towns.) It was AMAZING!! My favorite distance with him for a regular weekend excusion is anywhere from 20-40 miles on a trail.


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