Sunday, December 16, 2018

The Bling in 2018 (WW # 176)

Since I won't be running another race until January, it felt like the right time to wrap up my year in bling. Even though I ran a few other races of varying lengths, I'm devoting this post to the medals earned at the half and full marathon distances.  .

This is nothing but a quick [shameless] show me the medal post.  One can never have enough bling -- or so they say.   I'll be reviewing my year a little later.  I've linked each medal with its corresponding race recap if you are interested in reading more detail.  Please feel free to post your Yearly Wraps here on the Weekly Wrap as we wind down the year.

First Light Half Marathon (#50)

The medals and awards were hand crafted by adults with disabilities.

Callaway Gardens Half Marathon (#51)

A beautiful but hilly run deep in the Georgia woods.  It's a favorite race I keep on repeat.

Mercedes Half Marathon (#52)

This was the pinnacle of humbling humidity.
 But, it's always a fun time when Wendy and I are together.

Montgomery Half Marathon (#53)

Calf cramps get me every year at this race.  This year was no exception.

Raccoon Mountain Half Marathon (#54)

This was an add-on to a hiking trip with middle son.
Not even measuring 12 miles, it became the half that wasn't.

Centerpoint Half Marathon (#55)

Running this race several times in a neighboring town,
I'd never placed...until this year - with my worst finish.

Tear Drop Half Marathon (#56)

Run smack in the middle of marathon training, I was blessed with a shiny new PR!

REVEL Rockies Marathon (#4)

I hoped to set a marathon PR, but the high altitude had other ideas for me.
Teresa and I had fun but spent our weekend trapped in transportation hell.

RnR Chicago Half Marathon (#57)

The one where it rained and rained and rained...
Meeting so many blogging friends made this race all worthwhile!

Candyland Half Marathon (#58)

Although a last minute substitution, this race was big on Christmas cheer.

And that's a wrap!

Do you have a favorite medal or race experience from 2018?

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  1. Great year for you! Of course, my favorite races were the ones we did together! Looking forward to more fun, cheers, and clinks in 2019.

    I'm sharing my bling on Tuesday.

  2. Great medals! I don't think I earned any this year apart from the one I got for doing a virtual 10k after the race I was going to do got snowed off! But I should get two next year including one Rock'n'Roll one of my very own!

  3. Well done, Holly ;-) I love seeing all the bling, and it's especially fun when the "sharer" gives a few fun (?) details about the race itself. I'm SOOOOO glad I got to finally meet the famous HoHo in Chicago...even in all the rain, it was a weekend I will always treasure ;-)

  4. I love your collection of bling, Holly! Mine has been pretty measly this year - pretty medals, but very few total races. I'm working on a yearly recap soon and hope to link up! I've been a bit behind on posting... coming down with strep throat didn't help. I hope that's not my Christmas present ;) haha

  5. Wow, you ran a lot of races! Congrats! The Grand Teton Half was definitely the highlight race for me this year.

    Thanks for the linkup!

  6. You did a lot of half marathons this year! Love the Raccoon Mt. one - personalized, so cool! Congrats on a great 2018, and on to 2019!

  7. You've racked up quite a few medals this year! That's a great way to display them all. Do you think you'll run the same, more or fewer races in 2019?

  8. You have quite the bling collection! You managed to fit in a bunch of fun half races this year too. What's on tap for next year?

  9. I remember sharing the road with you at First Light! I will be running it again next year! I have so many favorites from this year, but especially proof of both marathon medals from Shamrock and Marine Corps. I hope to see you at a race again next year!! Will you be coming to Mobile again?

  10. Darlene keeps saying I ran a lot of races. Ha! I don't know how you do it (and getting the house ready to sell, too!). You are definitely the little engine that can. Congrats on those sweet PRs & AG awards, too!

  11. I love your look back at these in photos. Raccon might be my favorite, although I love the ones handcrafted by disabled folks. Congrats on a strong year

  12. Very impressive haul of bling for 2018! I love how all of your race medals are all different too!

  13. You've had a successful year lady! Congrats to you! I can't wait to see what 2019 brings for you.

  14. The Racoon Mountain race may not have been a half, but at least it came with a nifty medal! I like the Christmas ornament one too.

  15. Sounds like a full 2018. It's hard to believe it's almost 2019. I'm looking forward to kicking off 2019 with my Disney 10k.

  16. You got in quite a few half and full marathons. Wow. I like the unique look of the Raccoon Mountain race. I am so ready for 2019!

  17. You ran a lot of races this year and have the bling to prove it! I think I like the Calloway Gardens one the best, because it's so unusual and sort of reminds me of a cherry blossom. ;-)

  18. what cool medals! It's fun to see them all in one post. The raccoon one is still my favorite!

  19. Some of these medals are so cool! I can't believe how few medals I got this year, but I didn't do as many races and not all of my races had them.

  20. Such a great collection of medals and memories for this year! I'm so glad I got to finally meet you in Chicago - now it's time for another meet up!

  21. I LOVE seeing all the year end posts about the races and medals that people have done for the year!

  22. Sounds like a full year! That's a nice collection of bling :)

  23. You got some serious bling! Looks like a great year!

  24. What a nice assortment of medals (and woodles, as we call our wooden medals)!

  25. That's a Holotta beautiful bling! It was SO great to see you this year! <3

  26. Great year for you! I love that raccoon mountain one! So adorable!

    I have some great medals this year but I haven't laid them all out to pick a favorite. I have one more race on Saturday night and I'm pretty excited as it will be my first time running this particular event.

  27. That's a HO lot of halfs and love all those different medals.

    I hope we can connect sometime in the future.

  28. I love the medal for the raccoon mountain race! Even if it wasn't a full race, that medal sure is cute!


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