Sunday, February 24, 2019

And That's A Wrap (WW # 186)

One hundred and eighty six times I've posted a Weekly Wrap.  Actually, InLinkz tells me it is 187.  I'm off somewhere.  No big surprise there.  Anyway...

Tricia of MissSippiPiddlin and I met at the Tuscaloosa Half Marathon and became good friends.  I approached her about joining me in hosting a link-up where active women could connect.  I wanted to fill the void left by the closed Weekend Update but for more accountability, decided to include the entire week.  The Weekly Wrap was born in 2015.   The sunset photo was from a vacation picture taken while waiting on the Jamestown Ferry.


Right away, we had 14 linkers and peaked in 2016 with over 60 most weeks that year. Our highest was 69, recorded several times.  Several hundred ladies have come through our virtual doors!  Tricia accepted a new job and found the volume of reading to be a challenge.  With her blessing, I approached my dear friend Wendy from Taking The Long Way Home, who stepped in seamlessly to fill Tricia's shoes. Wendy and I met through blogging years ago and have by this point been on many fun adventures.  The new badge photo was taken on the lake where I now live.

Wendy and I have a lot on our plates.  She is studying for a new medical certification and I am busy getting our new home ready for family addition to our usual careers, obligations, running, training etc.  After much deliberation, we've decided to end the Weekly Wrap.  Since I'm not running or racing much right now, it's hard to post on that subject, anyway.  [HoHo Runs...not.]  I also don't want to spend excessive time inside this Spring and Summer (or Fall) on my computer.  Am I closing down my blog?  No.  It's my running scrapbook.  And, I may occasionally see you on Marcia's monthly Runfessions or Coco and Deborah's monthly Coffee Date

There are other weekly link-ups around.   Jenn from Runs With Pugs is co-hosting the new #RIOTS.  Meranda and Lacey host Fridays with Fairytales & Fitness and Kim from Kookyrunner and Zenaida co-host Tuesday Topics.  Plus, there are many others around as well.

Blue Herons apparently poop a lot...just sayin'.

I have no races scheduled other than my hometown half marathon -- which I plan to switch to the 5k.  I've been running sporadically for a while hoping my lingering hip and piriformis issues will calm down.  Since I'll be snow skiing in Colorado soon, my return to consistent running can wait until after that.   My new neighborhood (if you can call it that!) roads are filled will huge forested hills.  I look forward to watching the seasons change on foot and on my bike.
It's been my pleasure meeting you -- quite a few of you in real life too.  We've celebrated victories, laughed, shared, encouraged one another, healed our bodies, commiserated and cried.  It was my honor.  I consider you all friends.  A special thanks to my sista Wendy for hosting with me [who can somehow impressively read the most blog posts before I can convince myself to get out of bed.  Cheers, my friend! ]

THANK YOU for joining us here on the Weekly Wrap. 

Sunday, February 17, 2019

New Roads (WW # 185 )

Wendy and I host this linkup for
the sole purpose of supporting active women.
We thank you for linking your 

We are in our house but hardly settled.  I guess that is what happens when you move in stages and you decide to do it all yourselves.  The days I don't work, I am on my feet from sunup to bedtime; don't get me started about the stairs.  I have only run once on my new roads, leaving me with mild shin splints.  Those I attribute to the two big hills I encountered within the first mile.

Amy from She Runs By Faith is currently packing up her home for a move...impressively with three young boys under foot.  I think she is much better at multi-tasking than I am!  Did I mention she is training for another marathon too?  She very graciously accepted my panic-filled request to fill in again as guest host at the last minute.   Please show Amy lots of love.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Honey, I'm Home! (WW # 184)

Wendy and I host this linkup for
the sole purpose of supporting active women.
We thank you for linking your 

This week we have the sweet and lovely Michelle from Running With Attitude as our guest host.  I had the great pleasure of meeting Michelle this summer while in Chicago for the Rock N' Roll half marathon.  It truly felt as if we were old friends. [And--she really favors my favorite, trusted doctor!]  Michelle is currently working hard to lay a strong foundation before she begins training for the Chicago Marathon later in the year.  Please drop by and make her feel welcomed.  

Many thanks to Amy from She Runs By Faith for hosting last week.
We are now in our new house.  It's all downhill from here!

I hope to see you next week!

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Moving, Moving, Moving (WW # 183)

Wendy and I host this linkup for
the sole purpose of supporting active women.
We thank you for linking your 

This week, the lovely and inspirational Amy from She Runs by Faith is guest hosting for me as I am lost in a maze of moving boxes at this point.  Even though Amy is plenty busy being a Mom to three young boys, she is also impressively training for her 11th marathon!  Please drop by and make her feel welcomed.  

Have a wonderful week.  I hope to see you soon on the other side...

Sunday, January 27, 2019

Randoms (WW # 182)

Wendy and I host this linkup for
the sole purpose of supporting active women.
We thank you for linking your 

The sweat...

After returning from Mobile, I took a week off.   And by off, I mean nothing. My lack of activity, along with a nasty cold, left me feeling sluggish.  I was in desperate need of cardio this week.  Since I wanted to give my piriformis more rest, I hopped on my bike trainer a few days.  I logged a total of 32.75 miles over three evening rides.  It felt good to sweat out the remnants of my cold while catching up on favorite TV shows.  

Cycling between the boxes...

Saturday, I laced up for a run and I found my piriformis issue still lingers.  No better.  No worse.  Obviously, it isn't debilitating but it's very frustrating nonetheless.  Since I don't feel it until I run, I get fooled into believing it's gone.  I ran 5.3 steady miles.   Sunday I opted for another easy run.  This time I ran 6 miles for a weekly total of 11.3.  Both runs were slow but also mostly progressively paced.

Some reflection...

As my time in this neighborhood comes to an end, I've been thinking what a lucky runner I was to live here.  Inside a small and secluded subdivision, the quiet streets were a runner's dream.  Even the hills came in handy.  The adjacent city park was a great place for interval training.  It was also the perfect place to find shade for those last few miles of a long training run on a hot, sunny day.

I look forward to exploring my new running routes.  The roads will be heavily wooded and very rural.   It will be an adjustment.  For example, I'll now be required to run with illumination; something I previously could skip on an early morning run.  And pepper spray.  Not that pepper spray will deter a bear.  Or cougars.  OR BIG FOOT.  

This happened...

I have zero expectations of being selected to run the NYC marathon.  But after not getting in for several years, I felt the need to try one more time.  I'm not getting any younger here.  Being chosen would definitely be a kick in my lack-of-motivation pants.  It would also be a great excuse to visit NYC again.  It's been more than ten years.  Stay tuned.

I tried this...

Grocery shopping is such a chore for me.  Since our kids have flown the coop, I don't cook much any more.  Wandering aimlessly around the grocery store trying to think of what to buy is exhausting.  This week, I tried Walmart's Grocery service.  I pass by on my way home every day anyway.  Loved it!  [And it's no secret that I'm NOT a fan of Walmart.]  It took mere minutes to pick up my order.  I never left my car and it was raining heavily.  The employees were super nice as well, unlike the last time I was inside the store.  I downloaded the app and can just put items in my cart when I think of them.  Why did it take me so long to do this?  Oh wait, did I mention --  it's FREE.

One final note...

In the coming weeks, we'll be busy moving into our new home and settling into a new routine. I may not even have internet connection for a while.   I've lined up a few guests hosts just in case.  Please make them feel welcomed.

And that's a wrap!

Tell me something random from your week!